100 bathroom design ideas in the latest trends for 2020

Designing a beautiful, modern bathroom is arguably the most amusing and trickiest of interior design tasks. Several elements must be perfectly placed in a relatively small space. You would also have to find a suitable place for the small accessories and from a decorative point of view everything has to look ideally closed. How do you do that? In the next few lines, we want to present you with some interesting bathroom design ideas. In this case, we do this in the context of current design trends, which we would be happy to summarize for you.

The modules are particularly modern in bathroom design

Bathroom ideas - a laundry basket and a toilet

These criteria are important when choosing bathroom design ideas!

Before you head out and search the various stores for the right bathroom decor, you need to have a finished project on hand. It should preferably be drawn on paper or printed out and the dimensions must also be applied to it. So you can consider different combinations that you like and at the same time meet your practical criteria. Pay attention to the price-performance ratio, the investment for the installation of all articles and whether you can use them comfortably.

Everything in the modern bathroom must appear both functional and decorative

Bathroom ideas - patterned wall design

Trendy bathroom design ideas 2020

Many of the bathroom design ideas in 2020 would certainly carry over into the next year. That's why it's worth taking inspiration from them now, at the end of the year. So scroll down and take courage to renovate or redesign your bathroom soon!

Within a seamless design concept, you can add something small like flowers to accent

Bathroom ideas - bright room decoration

Modules make bathroom design easier

Minimalism in bathroom design ideas is taking on new, charming forms. Such small modules are very trendy because, among other things, they can be easily attached to the wall. This gives you a lot of freedom in handling these, because you can attach them to a wide variety of places. This saves you walking space, storage space on the shelves and it is also a great solution for tricky floor plans.

Elegant lights, holders for the bath towels and other hanging objects are in

Bathroom ideas neutral living ideas

Everything has to be practical and decorative at the same time

Functional objects with a decorative character have become a modern classic in interior design. Since this year, this has also been carried over very clearly to bathroom design ideas. At the same time, the principle “less is more” is followed. You reduce the number of bathroom furniture and at the same time select it so that it is particularly present in the room. Keep this in mind even with the smallest items, such as when choosing a holder for bath towels or the one for your toothbrushes.

The interplay of monochrome and strong accent surfaces is modern

Bathroom ideas - maritime bathroom design

Creative shelves and storage space

We haven't seen so many interesting ideas for the shelves and other storage areas in a long time as this year! Here you also like to use modules that you distribute on the wall in accordance with your own needs. Small pieces with a sculptural appearance are particularly modern.

Marble is widely used among bathroom design ideas

Bathroom ideas - plants in the bathroom

Hanging decoration

Lights, holders for bath towels and other practical devices as hanging decorations are totally in! This is very practical because it keeps the floor free. This approach is particularly suitable for small bathrooms. For the big ones, that would also be good because it simplifies cleaning. In addition, original and one can even say – artistic designs are created.

The current trend is minimalism with lots of playful elements

Bathroom ideas - great bathtub

Marble in combination with metallic colors

Marble is particularly trendy in bathroom design ideas. In some cases, entire bathtubs or larger areas are used. But of course it is also sufficient if you just have a few eye-catching details made of this material. The combination with metallic colors is also very popular. It is easy to set small highlights in a minimalist bathroom.

Modern decorative objects have made this bathroom design almost a gallery

Bad ideas - great flower pots

More practical tips for bathroom design

Now we have outlined some of the hottest trends for you. Finally, we would like to give you some practical and modern tips. Opt for a seamless design and set accents with eye-catching, adjustable objects. Choose bathroom design ideas that make the bathroom look particularly charming with its fine details. Provide surprising solutions. For example, you can paint the walls in monochrome and give only an asymmetrical part or the floor with different patterns. After all, when choosing colors, you should ideally draw inspiration from the most modern color palettes of recent years.

Marble and green accents make this bathroom particularly modern

Bathroom ideas - white bathroom design

Luxury details in the bathroom remain trendy

Bathroom ideas - bathroom set up ideas

Bathroom ideas bathroom design in beige

Bathroom ideas lighting in the bathroom

Bathroom ideas - blue wall design in the bathroom

Combine natural with artificial decoration

Bathroom ideas - flowers in bathroom design

Bathroom ideas High contrast wall design

Bathroom ideas with an antique flair

Bathroom ideas modern wall design

Another example for the great use of marble in bathroom design

Bathroom ideas - natural stone ideas bathroom

Bath ideas plants in the bathroom

Bathroom ideas - beautiful modern design

Bathroom ideas very simple and modern design

In this bathroom you can also achieve a pleasant feeling through the use of great fragrances

Bad ideas - very nice ideas

Bathroom ideas super mdoerne decoration

Bathroom ideas - great bathroom design ideas

Bathroom ideas - great ideas for the bathroom

The lights serve as surprising, subtle accents

Bathroom ideas - great ideas for interior design

Bathroom ideas - great ideas for the bathroom

Bathroom ideas - great interior design

Bathroom ideas - great desk ideas

Bathroom ideas - great sinks

The bee pattern tiles remain up to date

Bathroom ideas - great design for the living room

Bathroom ideas - great industrial design

Bathroom ideas - trendy design bathroom ideas

Bathroom ideas - trendy design

Bad ideas - different patterns

Fancy even more bathroom ideas with marble?

Bathroom ideas marble sink

Bathroom ideas - white ideas for the modern bathroom

Bathroom ideas homely bathroom design

Bathroom ideas - cozy bathroom design

What a successful and surprising combination of colors for the bathroom!

Bathroom ideas bathroom design trends

Bathroom ideas wood in the bathroom

Bathroom ideas interior design bathroom

Bathroom ideas inspiration for transparent design

Bathroom ideas completely black bathroom

Artful and cozy bathroom ideas are still relevant

Bathroom ideas artistic wall design ideas

Bathroom ideas Luxes bathroom design

Bathroom ideas marble sink in black

Bathroom ideas modern bathroom design

Bathroom ideas modern storage space ideas

Can you see how the trash can and bath towels become a decoration?

Bad ideas pattern on the floor

Bathroom ideas shelf design in the bathroom

Bathroom ideas black accent wall

Bathroom ideas - great design - great ideas

The effects of natural and artificial lighting make the decorative effect here!

Bad ideas great creative ideas

Bathroom ideas great bathroom design

Bathroom ideas great homely design

Bathroom ideas Homely bathroom design

You could make a massive modernization of your bathroom even with very small details

Bathroom ideas sink mirror

Bad Ideen wonderful ideas for the bathroom

Bathroom ideas - bathroom ideas

Bathroom decor bath ideas

Few and simple modules make the bathroom look trendy!

Decoration with natural materials bathroom ideas

Dark blue accent wall bathroom ideas

Tile countertop great design ideas bathroom ideas

Tile ideas bathroom ideas

You could also rely on the modern design of the shelves

Gray color and wall ideas bathroom ideas

Gray super modern bathroom ideas

big bathroom great design bathroom ideas

Ideas for the bathtub bathroom ideas

Ornate Bathroom Design Bath Ideas (59)

Another modern minimalist design

Minimalist bathroom bath ideas

modern decoration ideas bathroom ideas

modern ideas black deco bathroom ideas

Modern great bathroom ideas

The division of large rooms into different zones is very modern

modern bathroom design bath ideas

neutral bathroom decor bath ideas

Shelf design bathroom ideas spa

Minimalist modern bathroom with small modular accents

black white bathroom design bath ideas

very bright bathroom ideas bathroom ideas

Spa zone great bathroom ideas

Mirror bathroom bath ideas

The artistic bathroom design is always popular

Mirror surface ideas bathroom ideas

Great interior design - bathroom ideas

great interior bathroom ideas

great long floor plan bathroom ideas

This walk-in bathroom is modest in size, but at the same time particularly modern

great living bathroom ideas open plan

Trendy bathroom wall design ideas

Different patterns in the bathroom ideas

different patterns modern bathroom ideas

Here we see a surprising and somewhat bizarre way of dealing with the bee netting patterns in the wall design

White and blue - bathroom ideas

white bathroom design bath ideas

White ideas for the bathroom Bathroom

These practical dryers for bath towels are also effective wall decorations

cozy ideas for the bathroom bathroom ideas

homely interior design - bathroom ideas

homely design bathroom ideas

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