3 of the most popular hedge plants for an evergreen, natural privacy screen

3 of the most popular hedge plants for an evergreen, natural privacy screen

Your own garden, large or small, is a very special place. A private piece of nature that is part of our home and offers us fresh air, sunlight and relaxation. We can really relax, walk barefoot on the lawn or play with children and pets for hours without worrying about anything. Most of us would like good privacy protection that shields the curious glances of neighbors and passers-by. In this way, our privacy remains well protected in the garden and we can just let go.

A garden screen does not necessarily have to be made of metal or wood. More and more garden owners are opting for living, green hedges. It is even better if these remain evergreen and optimally opaque in every season. An important plus point for the environment – such hedges offer birds, insects, hedgehogs and other small rodents a protected refuge. If you want such a lively border for your garden, today we present you 3 of the most popular evergreen hedge plants to choose from.

Privacy screen garden evergreen hedge plants

# 1 cherry laurel

As a hedge, the cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) has a lush, shiny green and is particularly easy to care for and robust. The plant belongs to the rose family and is actually not related to the laurel, but to the cherry and plum. The best cherry laurel hedge varieties are “Herbergii”, “Novita”, “Etna” and “Caucasica”, but the splendid Portuguese “Angustifolia” and the large-leaved “Rotundifolia” are definitely recommended.

Cherry laurel evergreen hedge plant

Basically, all cherry laurel varieties are almost undemanding to soil and thrive very well in sunny, shady and partially shaded places. They are also fast-growing, but optimally pruning. Cutting back the shoots once a year is sufficient in most cases. However, one of the most popular benefits of cherry laurel is its high resistance to frost. Some varieties can tolerate temperatures down to – 20 degrees Celsius without any problems. From May to June the cherry laurel hedge is covered with delicate, white flowers. These exude a heavenly aroma and are also a real eye-catcher. If you are looking to buy cherry laurel for your garden, your best bet is to rely on quality suppliers and discuss all the details regarding planting, care conditions, and variety in advance.

cherry laurel prunus laurocerasus evergreen hedge plants

# 2 Thuja tree of life

This type of conifer is clearly one of the classics of the evergreen hedge plants. A conifer hedge is preferred by many not only because of its concise structure, aromatic fragrance and ease of care, but also because of its extremely hardiness in winter. In addition, most conifers offer perfect wind protection and grow up to 4 meters high. An optimal choice is, for example, the thuja tree of life, especially the “Brabant” and “Smaragd” varieties. Trees of life are just as fast-growing as cherry laurels. But you have quite a few demands when it comes to soil and location. In fact, they prefer sandy-loamy, well-drained soil and locations where it is not too shady. Otherwise the plant leaves can turn yellow.

hedge plants evergreen arborvitae thuja

In principle, thuja varieties can be cut into the popular shape as hedge plants. One maintenance cut per year is absolutely sufficient. You have to be careful not to cut into the old wood, otherwise this part of the hedge can stay bare. To find the right variety of thuja for your garden or if you want to buy more conifers, you should contact reputable nurseries and dealers again. Not only do you get first-class hedge plants, but also the necessary tips and tricks for their appropriate care.

evergreen hedge plants thuja tree of life

# 3 holly

Granted, holly may not be the most popular hedge plant, but as an evergreen shrub it is ideal for it. Their serrated and in most cases prickly leaves are not only recommended as popular Christmas decorations, but also as the perfect privacy screen for the garden. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose between different types of plants, such as the holly “Heckenpracht” or “Heckenfee”, “Blue Angel” “Blue Maid” or why not the Japanese holly. The latter is an excellent alternative to the common boxwood. It is even much easier to care for, more robust and more resistant to pests such as the Box tree moth.

holly hedge plants

Depending on the variety, the leaves, the green nuances and the height of the holly differ. In principle, however, these are quite winter-proof, with the exception of the Japanese holly, which tolerates slightly milder temperatures better. The white flowers in summer and the bright red berries that follow give every holly hedge varied, fresh accents. They delight not only birds and insects, but also garden owners and passers-by.

hedge plants holly

No matter which hedge plants you choose, take care of them appropriately, with love and patience. Even if these are very easy to care for and robust, don’t forget that they are living beings. In return, the plants will thank you with lush green, fresh aroma and a lively privacy screen for your privacy in the garden.

thuja arborvitae evergreen hedge plants lawn

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