3 tips for a quick upgrade of your home

3 tips for a quick upgrade of your home

Would you like to give your home a new shine, but cannot cope with a complete renovation? There are several means and methods to conjure up a completely new flair in your home for little money and little work. All you need is a little manual skill and the desire and time for change.

3 tips for a quick upgrade of your home living room modern chic

New colors – new shine

Most of the time it is enough to make changes to the color. This can be done with simple means, such as replacing the curtains or painting the old furniture. If you decide to paint furniture, the first step is to determine the material of the furniture. Because depending on the material, be it wood, metal or plastic, you have to ask for a different color at the hardware store. There are special colors for each material, which, thanks to their chemical composition, are perfectly matched to the substrate.

Once you have decided on a new look, you should carefully apply the paint to the furniture. For this purpose, it is advisable to spread a tarpaulin in the courtyard, garden or balcony. Do not paint furniture in the apartment. This can lead to excessive build-up of fumes, causing headaches and nausea. With infants, babies or animals in the house, this can lead to massive problems. Also, keep in mind that the furniture will have to stand outdoors for several hours in order to evaporate. You should therefore be able to protect the furniture from rain.

3 tips for a quick upgrade to your home repainting walls

Wall and ceiling panels for a new look

How about a starry sky in your own living room or bedroom? Many people are inspired by small, glowing LEDs in the ceilings. The desire for such a beautiful eye-catcher is growing. You can also do this quickly and easily in your own home. All you need is a few LED lights and wooden panels for the ceiling.

To hide the electrics behind the panels, you will need cavity boxes. The cable layer can be easily inserted into these so that there is no contact between the cable and the lamp. Especially when installing recessed spotlights, you have to lead the electrical system away from the lamp quickly and safely. Otherwise the heat from the heater can cause a fire in the electrical system.

The panels on the ceiling create a wonderful transition between light and shadow. The assembly of the ceiling panels is usually done quickly. The individual components have grooves and associated springs for this purpose. A special clip technique is recommended to then attach the panels to the ceiling. Nailing it to the battens can lead to problems during dismantling.

3 tips for a quick upgrade of your home starry sky home second floor

3 tips for a quick upgrade of your home roof with a star home theater

Bring life into the home

Have you set up plants in your home? No? – Then this can be the solution for an increased feel-good experience. Plants not only have an invigorating effect, they also give the room a special atmosphere. Their naturalness creates a relaxed atmosphere so that you can switch off from everyday life more quickly.

3 tips for a quick upgrade of your home to large evergreen houseplants flora

If you don't have a green thumb, you should resort to succulents. These plants have the ability to retain water in the leaves for a long time. They can therefore survive long periods of time without water, are not very sensitive to the sun and can sometimes get by in the shade.

3 tips for a quick upgrade of your home indoor plants good for the feeling of wellbeing

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