35 unusual and modern floor lamps for living rooms with a sense of humor 2020


35 unusual and modern floor lamps for living rooms with a sense of humor

Do not underestimate the power of good lighting. Modern floor lamps can at the same time be the finishing touch in a home interior or form the basis for the rest of the decoration in the room. It is also widely known that light can effectively contribute to self-healing and can significantly affect our mood and energy levels. So, if you return home late, the floor lamp should give you back much of your lost energy. But she can only do that if she is in the right place and balances the interior appropriately. We show you 35 unusual modern floor lamps and some decoration tips for your own living room furniture.

Industrial style living room with camera stand floor lamp

35 unusual and modern floor lamps for living rooms with a sense of humor 2020

Modern floor lamp made of several copper pipes – a potentially great craft project

unusual modern floor lamps industrial made of copper pipes

Fancy lamp, which is made of melting wax …

fancy modern floor lamps melting three-headed easel

Select modern floor lamps for your own home

If there is talk of floor lamps, then in advance, a lot is clear. Modern floor lamps not only have to provide a subtle light, but also enjoy the eye every moment, even when they are switched off. They have to be positioned correctly, correspond to the rest of the living style and harmonize with it. They should not attract attention or pose a risk of tripping, but they should not be stashed in a completely neutral corner.

Lamps should correspond with the remaining colors and shapes in the interior

fancy modern floor lamps dreikörpif in yellow and black paintings and chairs in the sound case

The yellow cable adds the necessary accent in this black lamp construction

Fancy modern floor lamps industrial style with black tubes

For example, tall and sleek modern floor lamps are the ideal choice to give a room more height and elegance. They occupy little space and combine smoothly with other light sources such as chandeliers or pendant lights. On the other hand, arched floor lamps occupy almost the entire room and serve as ceiling lamps themselves. But they create sharper shadows in the corners, so you need more smaller light sources.

Arc lamps occupy a lot of visual space

fancy modern floor lamps begon-shaped tree-shaped gray sofa

They can be big enough to replace other light sources

fancy modern floor lamps arcuate white over gray sofa

Ideal for larger rooms

fancy modern floor lamps in hallway or living vase and red bench

Move modern floor lamps through the room and put them in the right place

Consider also the installation of a blackout switch. These are available in many stores and can be effortlessly mounted in place of the usual on / off switches. This allows you to change the intensity of each floor lamp according to your preferences and influence the mood in the room. Bright light e.g. Refreshes and allows you to do the housework quickly and effectively or make-up. If you want to have a quiet dinner afterwards or take a relaxing bath, then it is worthwhile to dim the lights.

They need a lot of light for make-up

fancy modern floor lamps oversized make-up lamp in black and gold

Scattered light is particularly relaxing

unusual modern floor lamps oriental modern light dissipating warm

A classic and practical feature is the use of modern floor lamps in reading corners. A small arched or tall and straight floor lamp is then positioned in a corner next to a comfortable armchair and small side table. This makes it possible for you to relax after a hard day reading a book ideally lit by the lamp without straining your eyes.

This is what an artist’s apartment might look like

unusual modern floor lamps oversized red lamp for reading corner

Scandinavian and cozy

fancy modern floor lamps scandi reading corner with tripod floor lamp

Creative pencil floor lamp for the nursery

Fancy Modern Floor Lamps Beige Lamp Childrens Room

Another great advantage of most floor lamps in front of other light bodies is that they are very light and portable. As long as a plug is in the vicinity, they can be placed as good as anywhere, without having to drill holes in the walls. Wireless floor lamps are also becoming more popular and reduce the risk of tripping due to ugly cables. All this, in turn, allows you to constantly change the interior effortlessly according to your preferences and needs.

The bright wood base of this modern floor lamp is even equipped with wheels

Fancy modern floor lamps light wood base in skandi style

Wireless floor lamps offer you even greater freedom in interior design

fancy modern floor lamps strip lamp geometrically modern

Creative and extravagant

fancy modern floor lamps four wooden males holding lamp in balance

ConclusionSo experiment with your modern floor lamps until you have made the right choice for your apartment. Shoot photos and compare the effects. Do dark spots remain in the room or is the light much too bright? Change the position of your lamp, change the color tones, light levels, shapes and wattages. Make your own lampshades and personalize your living environment.

Decorative floor lamp in lotus look for perfection in the living room

fancy modern floor lamp floral lotus in gray

Fancy modern floor lamp moonlamp balance on copper frame

unusual modern floor lamps in purple with five lamps

fancy modern floor lamps industrial style with copper tubes

fancy modern floor lamps hourglass lamp large white

Futuristic and modern

Fancy modern floor lamps Sci fi lamp made of wood three-legged

fancy modern floor lamps tripod lamp industrial modern style

Such an origami bird lamp fulfills a more decorative purpose

Fancy modern floor lamps minimalist parrot origami lamp

fancy modern floor lamps dna rope lamp mediterranean style

Do not these modern floor lamps look like little trees that form a small forest?

fancy modern floor lamps three lamps tree illusion

The designer of this lamp probably had the game Mikado in mind

fancy modern floor lamps geometric abstract modern

Modern floor lamps made from tiny hula-hoops

unusual modern floor lamps geometric and modern from many small rings

This extraordinary floor lamp can change its shape at will

fancy modern floor lamps luminous fabric magically fantastic

Would you put up such a horse lamp in your living room?

unusual modern floor lamps horse lamp in black huge

Floral and decorative

unusual modern floor lamps sunflowers made of metal in the pot

Totally unusual and yet fitting

fancy modern floor lamps ostrich legs made of metal balance

fancy modern floor lamps octopus made of wire metal

Oversized, but in black, merging with the dark wall

unusual modern floor lamps oversized gothik in black

This floor lamp consists of the parts of an old bicycle

Fancy modern floor lamps upcycling recycling bicycle industrial retro style

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