40 granite stairs that unfold the beauty of this material

40 granite stairs that unfold the beauty of this material

The stairs are a key element for small and large home projects. They have a very strong influence on the room, not only functionally but also stylistically. Don't underestimate that! Choosing the right materials for the stair design will have a decisive impact on the end result. We already have different articles on the different possible materials. This is about the use of granite stairs. Our overview is based on some graphic examples and of course we also give you many useful tips for choosing the ideal design for your home!

You can discover diverse design ideas for granite stairs

excellent design - great ideas for beautiful granite stairs

Why are granite stairs a good investment?

The stairs can be found in a variety of designs and are certainly a universal solution for modern architecture. They would also fit in well with many classic living concepts. At the same time, this is probably the most durable material for stair design that one could choose at the moment. It is even stronger than marble and many other natural stones! Beautiful, easy to care for and resistant to various influences! What more could you want? The stairs are of course relatively expensive for this reason. That is probably the most important argument against their use. We can't think of another major disadvantage at the moment!

The granite stairs are often the perfect highlight in open living spaces

Wide apartment with stairs granite stairs

Choose the right material to ensure safety!

The most important practical tip for choosing granite stairs is the finish. Under no circumstances should it be too smooth or heavily polished. Accordingly, that would make them very dangerous. The rough granite surfaces are therefore the practical and safe choice. In terms of colors, beige, white and black are preferred for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Experience has shown that they are easier to care for and more universal with regard to the rest of the interior. The combinations of granite and other materials are also becoming more and more modern. Wood and marble are most seen in its context. These solutions correspond more easily with different materials in the home. Furthermore, in many cases they offer a wide range of practical uses.

Granite steps are often combined with transparent railings

Dramatic modern living ideas granite stairs

Floating granite stairs

Many of the presented granite stairs appear like floating constructions. The robust character of the main material and this feeling for transparency and lightness come into contrast with each other. That creates a certain drama and positive tension. Modern homes with minimalist designs can benefit a lot from such meeting designs. They look modern and seamless at the same time and yet they don't allow boredom to prevail.

Some types of granite have a really nice grain

a narrow hallway granite stairs

Granite stairs with an interesting grain

The granite stones have a very diverse external appearance. Some of them have really fabulous grains. You could even compete with the beauty of natural stones like marble. At the same time, however, they are much more robust and stable. Especially if the stairs are not that big, you could invest in such a noble design. In open floor plans with contemporary minimalist design, such a staircase could be the main accent.

In the case of granite stairs, the white color is very often preferred

Free standing and super modern ideas for granite stairs

The matching railings

Most often, glass railings are chosen for granite stairs. This makes the stairs look much better than if they were combined with any of the other solid materials. But sometimes you like to use metal or wood. Mostly this is the case when there are similar surfaces elsewhere in the interior.

There are many quite modern shades to be found

Design ideas for the interior granite stairs

Original colors and shapes

Working with granite is quite difficult. But that doesn't mean that you don't have any leeway for original shapes, colors and ideas. First, if you look really carefully, you can already find interesting original nuances. In addition, it is possible for the designers to achieve a very effective result by rounding off the stairs or playing around with their dimensions.

The granite often has an exotic appearance

Granite stairs - high-contrast stair design

Granite stairs and natural elements for an exotic effect

Do you like the exotic that transports you into the atmosphere of distant lands and still retains the minimalist touch of your modern home? Granite stairs can be wonderfully combined with pebbles or sculptural plants such as succulents. This creates a fabulous staircase that is stylish and quite exotic at the same time. Something like that would spice up the mood and make the transition from one room to the other a relaxing affair!

Granite stairwells are often spiced up with exotic plant decorations

Granite stairs - modern living ideas

Granite combined with other solid material

Other sturdy materials such as wood or metal are not only used for the railing of granite stairs. They also appear when editing these. The wood often covers their surface. A staircase like this looks very interesting from a purely aesthetic point of view and it is also a solution that is preferred because of its slip resistance. This material is used to create accents on the concrete stairs.

Pebbles and granite – a charming solution for fans of architectural concepts with a natural look

Granite stairs - pebbles and various steps

Granite stairs and different styles

The granite stairs go wonderfully with contemporary and futuristic designs. They also have a slightly exotic effect, which is why they are used in dream homes. There they bring the flair of wanderlust and dream vacation with them. All design styles that strive for a seamless character and leave a place for nature experience can be easily combined with concrete stairs.

Both classic and modern design concepts can benefit from the use of the granite stairs

Granite stairs - white stairs with black railings

Choose rough surfaces that are non-slip

Granite stairs - beautiful elegant stair ideas

Granite stairs glass railing ideas home ideas

Granite stairs wood and marble in the interior

Granite stairs slightly oval stair ideas

Beige is very often chosen for granite stairs Granite stairs - neutral color design

Granite stairs living room ideas

Granite stairs between different green plants

Granite stairs freestanding ideas for interior decoration

Metal railings and dark granite stairs – a modern classic!

Granite stairs. Bright staircase design interior decoration

Granite stairs ideas for interior decoration

Granite stairs in a minimalist house

Granite stairs luxury hallway design ideas

Granite stairs marble home ideas

Granite stairs with steps of different widths

The great lighting is extremely important for all stairs

Granite stairs modern houses great ideas

Granite stairs living ideas hallway design

Granite stairs living ideas on the ground floor

bright house great ideas for granite stairs

Holt floors and great granite stairs

Combinations of granite and other materials are becoming more common!

Ideas in black and white color granite stairs

Marble, metal and glass - granite stairs

Modern living ideas dream house granite stairs

Natural stone on the walls - beautiful granite stairs

beautiful black marble - granite stairs

Large-scale projects with concrete stairs have a particularly modern look

Black ideas for great granite stairs

very attractive desing of granite stairs

Great ideas made of wood - beautiful granite stairs

great ideas for interior decorating granite stairs

Great interior design - beautiful ideas - granite stairs

A noble floating staircase made of granite

Fantastic interior granite stairs

Dream house ideas - great beautiful granite stairs

Staircase design interior ideas granite stairs

Staircase ideas modern interior design granite stairs

Different steps stair design granite stairs

Ideas for ornate granite stairwells? Here are some!

White marble stairs granite stairs

Homely interior granite stairs

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