40 ideas for cement tiles – hot trend in bathroom design

40 ideas for cement tiles – hot trend in bathroom design

The latest bathroom tile trends have already been presented by Pinterest and the results will provide you with great inspiration. In this article we want to focus on just one type of tile – the cement tiles. Many experts are of the opinion that a bathroom renovation begins with the selection of tiles. For this reason we would like to introduce the pure beauty of cement tiles in more detail.

A design highlight in the bathroom

Elements and types of cement tiles

Cement tiles – popular bathroom idea for 2018

At first, people react skeptically to this design idea, because the name doesn’t promise much. You probably know the tiles with the cool geometric shape options in black and white and other colors, right? These models are also known as cement tiles. The beauty of these models gives the bathroom a whole new look and a long service life.


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The colors gray, black and white are a huge trend. The geometric shapes are considered to be the most popular models of all, because the shades very elegantly underline the lines of the bathroom. The right color scheme creates a clean and balanced look when the tiles are combined with neutral tones. In 80% of the cases, white tiles are used as an optimal combination. The reason for this is the varied range of choices.

The cement tiles offer a wide range of models that positively enhance the bathroom with the help of various shapes in black and white. In this context, we can say that these forms play the decisive role. The individual geometric elements are designed in such a way that they create a wonderful appearance. The flower motifs are a good example. The cool designs provide a unique look and ensure a floor design that leaves you speechless. As an alternative to the small flowers, designers have come up with an interesting concept that is one of the most popular bathroom ideas these days – the geometric shapes. In other words, various elements such as triangles, lines, circles and polygonal figures are used very cleverly in bathroom furnishings. All these figures form an overall picture that is considered a design highlight.

If you are curious now, then enjoy the following picture gallery with around 40 interesting ideas for cement tiles.

Enjoy the elegant floor design

interesting cement tiles


Choose creative shapes and colors


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