5 green houseplants for the bathroom that spread stylish freshness

5 green houseplants for the bathroom that spread stylish freshness

Plants beautify any ambience in an incomparable way. They represent great highlights in the interior, improve the room climate and make the interior design more comfortable. One likes to decorate the living room and bedroom, the hallway and … even the bathroom with house plants. But not all plants can thrive in the bathroom. However, there are green houseplants that feel even better in this particular private room than in other rooms. Which green houseplants find their right place in the bathroom? In today’s article, we’re going to introduce you to 5 beautiful green roommates that are quite possible in a modern bathroom.

Green indoor plants for every bathroom – a rich variety of green beauties

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Green houseplants make the bathroom a green paradise

The bathroom is actually not the perfect place for plants. Here the conditions for their thriving are very different than in other living spaces. Constant showering and bathing increases the humidity and the temperatures are usually higher compared to those in other rooms. It is also often the case that the light in the bathroom is not enough. Nevertheless, there are plants that are also very suitable for the bathroom. Of course, the size of the room also plays a role when choosing the right bathroom plant. Below are some such green houseplants.

Basket margin

The basket marante is a tropical plant with impressive leaves. This plant is generally considered to be a rather difficult houseplant to care for, but it will find a good place in the bathroom. Because she likes dark places and high humidity. Among the basket marante species, those in which the leaves are patterned in different shades of green are particularly fascinating. However, you should take good care of the basket marants so that you can enjoy their beauty for longer. So the soil has to be constantly moist and the plant has to be fertilized every two weeks. In addition, the basket marants must be repotted every spring.

The beautiful patterns of the leaves make the basket marante a wonderful houseplant

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Lucky feather

The lucky feather bears the scientific name Zamioculcas and is extremely suitable for dark bathrooms without windows, because it thrives very well in low light. This is a particularly easy to care for and therefore popular houseplant. Visually, the lucky feather is reminiscent of ferns because of its unusual growth. Zamioculcas can be up to one meter high and therefore captivates the eye in no time. Do not water it excessively and the robust bath plant will delight you for a long time.

The lucky feather embellishes every modern bathroom design

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Antler fern

Ferns in general fit wonderfully into the bathroom. The antler fern grows naturally on the tall trees of the rainforests. So this shady place is well used and fits perfectly into the dark bathroom. The leaves of the plant are similar to deer antlers, which is what determines its name. The antler fern is very suitable as a hanging plant. That way its beauty comes out better.

Spice up the bathroom with green plants

green houseplants antler fern bathroom decor ideas

Cobbler palm

The cobbler palm, also known as the butcher palm, comes from Asia. It also develops quite well in dark bathrooms without windows. The butcher’s palm has large, lush leaves and is a wonderful eye-catcher. This easy-care beauty is a herbaceous plant and grows without a trunk. The cobbler palm can reach a height of 80 cm.

Bring a bit of simple elegance into the bathroom

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Aloe vera

The aloe vera is the perfect green roommate in the bathroom because it is an unpretentious houseplant. Even people without a green thumb can easily take care of this green beauty. The aloe vera can thrive in both a light and partially shaded place. This desert plant naturally needs little water, because it has thick leaves and can store water in them for a long time. It may be that you have to water the aloe vera very seldom because it takes up from the humidity in the bathroom.

The aloe vera is a fresh bathroom decoration

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So have you gathered enough inspiration for your own bathroom? The green houseplants featured above are just a few of the tropical plants that will inscribe themselves perfectly in the bathroom. The list of plants suitable for the bathroom is surprisingly long and varied. We hope you find the right green roommates for your most private space!

Green houseplants turn the bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing

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Provide green highlights in the bathroom

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The Efeutute is a great option for the bathroom decoration

green indoor plants efeutute bathroom deco ideas

Which houseplant would you choose for your own bathroom?

green indoor plants for the bathroom korbmarante

The mountain palm is another way to bring some green to the bathroom

green indoor plants mountain palm decorate bathroom

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green indoor plants for the bathroom green lily

green indoor plants make bathrooms more beautiful

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