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50 creative ideas for crafts with corks in the fall, and not only!

50 creative ideas for crafts with corks in the fall, and not only!

Every wine lover knows that the cork will protect the wine or protect it from the ingress of bacteria. This is also important when serving, because it reveals the wine quality. After the bottle is empty, do not throw the cork away. With it you can make great things and make a creative home decoration, fitting for every season. Collect several corks and look at our ideas for crafting with corks to get inspired. Have lots of fun with it!

Corking is fun and creative

tinker with cork craft ideas autumn

Making pumpkin with corks

Our first craft idea with corks is related to the upcoming fall season. Autumn is unthinkable without pumpkins. Making pumpkin with corks is easy. Glue the corks together in the shape of a pumpkin, using superglue or the hot glue gun. On top, right in the middle, comes a cork, which takes over the role of the pumpkin goal. Decorate according to your mood, with colors, glitter, leaves or whatever you are dealing with.

A must at the fall decoration

do handicrafts with cork herbstdeko yourself

Still decorate with autumn leaves

autumn decoration basics with corks creative craft ideas

Nice and suitable for Halloween

pumpkin deco herbstdeko make your own making with cork

A simple decoration idea with vase and cork

A vase of beautiful flowers decorates every room, in principle. But in combination with cork it will be twice as nice. Here are two options: If you have a large glass vase, fill it with corks. Arrange with beautiful flowers or put in a lantern. The second idea is to spice up the old vase, which you no longer like, with corks. Cut the corks in the middle for this target and decorate them artistically on the vase. Already have a "new" and more beautiful vase!

Make a beautiful vase yourself with corks

make up with cork herbstdeko itself make creative craft ideas

Corks in the glass are beautiful in every season

deco ideas autumn tinker with cork

Make for more romance

tinkering with cork deco ideas autumn

An original flowerpot for succulents

tinker with cork flower pots to beautify

Be creative in the design

diy decoration crafts with cork stick decorations

Letters as a wall decoration

The cork is a natural and beautiful material that you can proudly present. The wine corks are a good example of this and can not be thrown away. Similar to the pumpkin you can tinker the initial letter of your family name or a whole word with corks. Decorate as desired and to match the decor. Furthermore, you can spice up and beautify old picture frames or mirrors.

Achieve an Ombre effect

diy decoration make with cork herbstdeko itself

deco ideas make your own autumn decorations with corks

Set accents through wine corks

black taffeta tinker with cork deco ideas autumn

Also decorate the front door with it

tinkering with cork creative craft ideas

Creative crafting ideas with wine corks

From wine corks you can make a nice decoration for every celebration. For Christmas, for example, you can make beautiful tree decorations, little animals for Easter, beautiful autumn wreath and everything you can master as a general decoration for your home.

Just draw inspiration from our picture gallery. See why you should not dispose of the wine corks and what you can do when making corks!

Excellent table decoration for the fall

crafting with corks herbstdeko table creative craft ideas

Make an original autumn wreath

making cork with cork yourself

Wall decoration for wine lovers

do handicrafts with cork decoration yourself

Make creative lampshade yourself

make lapme making cork with creative craft ideas

Hearty deco for every season

tinker with cork herbstdeko ideas heart tinker

Make a handy bath mat yourself

make your own bath with cork

Decoration idea for Valentine's Day

heart making cork with creative craft ideas

Pencil holder with pin option

tinkering with cork creative craft ideas diy decoration ideas

Tinker napkin ring made of cork

tinkering with cork creative crafting salvietenring tinker

tinker with cork pumpkin decoration autumn

Make for a naturally beautiful wall accent

Doing crafts with cork mural make sleber

Great idea for Christmas wreath

make christmas cork with cork yourself

tinkering with cork heart making autumn decoration yourself

uhu tinker with cork tinker with felt

Deco itself make tinker with cork

deco ideas autumn crafts with corks creative craft ideas

make diy decoration ideas with cork decoration yourself

Little angels as Christmas tree decorations and not only!

making angels with cork christmas decorations yourself

Use a firm base

herbstkranz tinker with cork herbstdeko ideas

krbisdeko ideas tinker with cork

A sweet little Christmas mouse

creative crafting ideas with corks

make your own crafts with cork diy deco ideas

Make yourself lampshade with cork

The cork wreath does not have to be much decorated

make autumn wreath yourself with cork

Lantern tinker with cork

make latterne yourself with corks

A great idea for the magnetic board

making magnets yourself with corks

pin board making tinkering with corks

make butterfly tinker with cork herbstdeko itself

make beautiful decoration with cork herbstdeko yourself

Cultivate succulents in corks

succulent care tinker with cork deco ideas autumn

make animals with cork herbstdeko itself

Create a romantic table atmosphere with a heart of corks

table decoration autumn tinker with cork

Table runner making tinker with cork

The birds will be happy about that

bird house making cork with creative craft ideas

Create real art with corks

make your own mural with corks creative craft ideas

Decorate christmas stars with christmas cork decorate

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