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50 decorating ideas on how to creatively use the old lace doilies

50 decorating ideas on how to creatively use the old lace doilies

In each house there are curtains made of lace or some lace doilies still from the grandmother as a reminder. And although these have long been out of fashion and no longer fit into the interior design, it is a pity to dispose of them. But this is not necessary, because they can be converted into a great decoration. Today, we'll give you plenty of ideas on how to creatively re-use lace doilies and lace fabrics.

Make an original decoration with the old lace doilies

make lace wall decoration yourself

Murals with lace doilies

A beautiful mural is never in vain! Make yourself a great picture with lace. The possibilities for this are numerous. You can take a canvas, paint it in a nice background color, position the doily on it as desired and spray over it with a spray paint. Back on canvas in any background color, you can stick different in shape and design doilies directly. Another effective idea that gives Vintage a sense of humor is to take an old window frame, with or without glass panes and with different tips to tense. Single, small lace doilies are quickly placed in a picture frame and hung on the wall.

Choose a high-contrast color as the background

lace doilies themselves make upcycling ideas

The lace doilies print in color

images grind toppings deco ideas

A great idea with spray paint

gift wrap make yourself a lace doily

Beautiful jewelry bowls always handy

diy decoration lace doily deco

Craft decorative lace bowl

Depending on the lace doilies, make different sizes of jewelry bowls. For this you will need wood glue, aluminum foil, two bowls and of course doilies. The tip is dipped in the wood glue. During this time, the bowl is covered with aluminum foil and placed on the table upside down. The tip is pressed lightly, placed in the middle over the bowl and smoothed well. It is best to let the craft project dry overnight and the next day you have a beautiful jewelry bowl.

Color the top shells as desired

bowl itself make lace doilies

Pitcher with lace motif

Ceramic plate itself make lace doilies

Great idea for wedding decoration

wall decoration itself make lace doilies wedding

Decorate the table in a romantic way

make a lace doily yourself

Do the table runner yourself

A table runner made of doilies is made quickly and represents an effective table decoration. Take all the lace doilies you have at home and put them in a nice shape next to each other. Then tie the individual pieces together with roving in several places and you have your lace table runner. Another idea is to sew the doilies on a chosen rectangular fabric. Here you can still attach to the sides of lace strips to complete the whole.

You can really do a lot with the lace doilies. You can also spice up the old clothes in an original and modern way. Take a look at our pictures and fully use your creativity.

Make some color at the table

DIY Ideas Lace Doilies Ideas Make Decoration Yourself

The monochrome tablecloth can be beautifully spiced up by it

embellish tablecloth deco ideas

Sew yourself great placemats

decorating table blankets make themselves a lace doilies

Turn part of the lace into earrings

cool crafting toppers deco ideas

Search for the same picture frames

deco ideas wall lace do deco itself

Also when baking you can benefit from a lace doily

cake toppers cake baking

Have a garland ready for any occasion

DIY garland lace doily wall decoration

diy projects cool crafting toppings

Make wedding cards with paper lace doilies yourself

invitation cards wedding spider doily wedding ideas

wall clock itself make lace covers ideas

glass decoration ideas make lace doilies yourself

Wedding guest gift or beautiful jewelry bag, both purposes serve this idea well

wedding ideas make lace doily wedding decoration itself

Turn the boring T-shirt into a modern piece of clothing

embellish dresses lace top make deco itself

Make ideas for dream catchers themselves

lace doilies make ideas dream catchers themselves

Dreamcatcher make himself a lace doily deco

Combine several dreamcatchers creatively together

creative crafting lace doilies deco craft yourself

books tie toppings deco ideas

pillow sewing lace doilies deco ideas

Create an original picture wall

creative decoration ideas picture frame design lace doily

creative deco ideas lace doily deco

Create a fabulous autumn decoration

pumpkin deco lace doilies crafting ideas

Make a nice collar yourself

clothes spice up lace doilies

Lampshade itself make lace covers

Combine the fairy lights with a lace garland

String lights themselves make lace covers

jewelry bowl itself make lace doilies ideas

Beautify your stationery

lace doilies make crafting cards yourself

Present your muffins in a great way

lace doilies deco ideas muffins bake

A great addition to the Shaby Chick interior

lace doilies make yourself a lampshade

lace doilies make ideas table runner yourself

lace doilies make wall decoration itself

Dress stones with lace

stones painted lace doilies deco ideas

Combine lace and buttons

cloth bag itself sewing lace doilies ideas

table decoration itself make lace doilies ideas

Make romantic lanterns yourself

wind lanterns themselves make lace covers ideas

table runner himself make lace doilies

Even the pots can be embellished

embellish pots decorate lace doilies

A deco idea for fans of the vintage style

make upcycling ideas lace doilies deco delber

wall decoration ideas make lace do-it-yourself

Add some fabric roses as an accent

Make a wall decoration with a doily yourself

Fix the doily directly to the wall

wall design ideas toppings deco ideas

lace doilies make decoration yourself

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