6 exotic houseplants that have something special about them

6 exotic houseplants that have something special about them

For most people, houseplants are a must in their own home. Whether green plants or flowering houseplants, you surround yourself with green roommates in order to feel more comfortable and at ease. Because plants do not simply beautify the room, they provide harmony and relaxation. But in most cases the same houseplants are used, which are usually easy to care for and are therefore just as popular. But how about adding a bit of dynamism and variety to the interior by purchasing exotic indoor plants? That’s what we’re about today: fascinating exotic species.

Exotic indoor plants make the room look unusual

exotic houseplants alocasia care tips

Choose exotic house plants for your unusual room decoration

Anyone looking for that certain something for their own living area will hit the mark with exotic plants. These do not simply bring a piece of pure nature into the room. They create a jungle flair in your own four walls. You have a huge selection of exotic species for your home. The different shapes and sizes of the tropical and Mediterranean plants offer something for every taste. And while imposing exotic specimens could find a place in a larger room, one should be satisfied with smaller exotic specimens in a limited area. In the following we would like to introduce you to some impressive houseplants. Perhaps you will find the right houseplant for your home below!

Exotic houseplants usually have extraordinary flowers

exotic houseplants candlestick flower unusual flowers

Mosaic plant

The mosaic plant, also called Fittonie, comes from the rainforests of Peru. This is a relatively difficult to care for houseplant that has small leaves with white or red conspicuous net patterns. A partially shaded to shady place, temperature around 20 degrees and high humidity are the conditions under which the mosaic plant thrives. You will also need to provide the plant with frequent watering because the roots of the mosaic plant are not particularly deep.

The mosaic plant is a small plant

exotic houseplants mosaic plant beautiful leaf pattern


The pineapple brings an extra dose of exoticism into every room. This plant is best known for its tasty fruits, but is also a beautiful ornamental plant. This is exactly what makes them a popular room decoration. But if you take proper care of the pineapple, it could delight its owner with a delicious fruit from time to time.

The pineapple as an ornamental flower? Why not?

exotic houseplants pineapple extraordinary goat plant

Porcelain flower

The magnificent blossoms of the porcelain flower gave it its name. It looks like these are painted on porcelain. The porcelain flower is also called a wax flower. In nature, the wax flower is not rooted in the earth, but develops on another plant. This is considered indestructible, but you had to pay attention to a few things. The porcelain flower needs a lot of light and tolerates dry air. However, the leaves of this plant can store water.

The porcelain flower inspires with its charming blossoms

exotic houseplants hoya carnosa porcelain flower


The next plant will convince you that it doesn’t need soil to thrive. This is also the reason why the thillandsias are called air plants. Thillandsias always attract attention. They are also very easy to care for. They have unusual leaf shapes and prefer a bright and warm location. They also need high humidity, which makes them particularly suitable as bath plants.

The exoticism of this houseplant can be seen at first glance

exotic houseplants Tillandsia air plant

Flamingo flower

Flamingo flowers delight young and old with their adorable flowers, which are also extremely durable. The so-called bracts are usually red, but you can also see them in white, yellow and orange. The flamingo flower is also called anthurium and blooms all year round. It is one of the easy-care houseplants. Only two types of anthurium thrive in the room – the small and the large flamingo flower.

Flamingo flowers are rainforest plants

exotic houseplants Anthurium flamingo flower


This is a particularly popular houseplant because it has few demands. The indoor aralia has leather-like leaves, which are fascinating because they are divided in the shape of a hand. The room aralia comes from Asia and has the scientific name Fatsia japonica. It likes partially shaded places and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. This evergreen houseplant can reach a height of two meters.

The room aralie spices up every ambience

exotic indoor plants Fatsia japonica indoor aralia

Exotic indoor plants are gaining popularity in room decoration. They are very diverse, but have one thing in common: They bring an exotic touch to the room! So choose one or more house plants and create an extraordinary interior design! Perhaps you will collect more ideas from the following picture gallery!

An exotic plant with a large growth is a great eye-catcher

exotic houseplants window leaf beautiful houseplants


Large-leaved plants are a hot trend in modern room decor

exotic houseplants elephant ear huge leaves

exotic houseplants Fatsia japonica unusual leaves

exotic houseplants pineapple plant beautiful decorating ideas

exotic houseplants mosaic plant unusual beauty

exotic houseplants porcelain flower beautiful flowers


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