6 ideas for the modern bathroom

What does the modern bathroom look like today? Which colors and bathroom furniture should you use? We show you 6 trendy ideas for the bathroom, which were recommended to us by interior designers. If you are planning to spice up your own bathroom and refresh yourself, you can take advantage of these ideas and if not, you'll at least be up to date on the latest bathroom trends.

Current ideas for the modern bathroom 2019

bathroom ideas modern bathroom

Striking patterns for the modern bathroom

The majority of people do not have the guts to resort to a daring bathroom design and striking decoration. But now it is the right time to set aside possible scruples. The designers recommend choosing bright and bold colors and creating an accent wall with effective patterns. Mostly well suited for this is the wall behind the sink. Suitable prints for this are large flowers and colorful pictures that give the bathroom a dramatic character.

Pipelines in the foreground

You no longer need to hide the pipes in the bathroom behind plates or bathroom furniture, because this year "every disadvantage is transformed into an advantage". All conduits can be left unattended and not only that, but they can also be converted into an accent. You can paint them in gold or copper.

Design the pipes as an accent

modern bathroom badtrends 2019

Mirror Mirror on the wall!

badspiegel ideas badtrends 2019 modern bathrooms

Bathroom mirror as an accent

Another thing you can use as an accent in the bathroom is the mirror. Choose a Baroque style frame and paint it in a bright color, such as red, yellow, orange or turquoise. If you're looking for something simple, look for a thin frame with rounded edges and corners.

Modern bathroom with marble surfaces

The marble in the bathroom is again very in! Its casual and classic beauty provides elegance and noble flair in the room. He also combines perfectly with quartz and porcelain. In addition, the marble also conquers the furniture. You can cover them with a marble imitating adhesive film.

A trend that continues – the marble!

modern bathroom badtrends 2019

Make for a spacious bathroom design

bathroom design 2019 modern bathroom

Open interior design

The tendency with the open interior design in the apartment exists for several years and could by no means skip the bathroom. Forget the narrow shower cubicles and shower curtains – let more space and a sense of spaciousness. Only "walls" made of glass are allowed.

Open shelves under the sink

If you are looking for bathroom furniture, you should pay attention to something – the furniture should be at the same time functional, stylish and moisture resistant. This year you can put on open shelves under the sink. A great idea for this is also to use a small wooden or bamboo bench. You can put cosmetics and bath towels in baskets and just sit on them.

The modern bathroom does not have to be brand new! With our trendy ideas, you can spice up and refresh your bathroom according to the latest trends. Just take care of your own well-being in the bathroom.

Design a modern bathroom with open shelves

modern bathroom bathroom furnishings 2019

Golden fittings provide accents

bathroom fittings 2019 modern bathroom

Introduce the trend color of the year to the bathroom

wall decoration bathroom modern bathroom

Combine similar tile colors

bathroom furnish modern bathroom

bathroom trends 2019 modern bathroom

Choose a daring bathroom design

bathroom tiles modern bathroom 2019

Marble can be perfectly combined with gold

bathroom mirror ideas modern bathroom 2019

Patterned wallpapers are not only modern in the living room

bathroom wallpaper modern bathroom 2019

bathroom trends 2019 modern bathrooms

colored sink modern bathroom

Make tile accents on the sink and shower

modern bathroom 2019 bathroom tiles ideas

modern bathroom bathroom ideas 2019

Lavatory marble washbasin

bathroom design 2019 modern bathroom

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