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7 care tips for the roses in the bucket

7 care tips for the roses in the bucket

The rose is the queen of flowers and makes every garden more beautiful and magical. If you have only a small or no garden, this is no reason to give up these beauties. The roses also thrive in the tub very well. So that you look forward to beautiful and healthy plants, we have some care tips for the roses in the bucket for you.

Maintain roses in the tub properly

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Choose the right bucket

Important for a good rose growth is the right planter. Pick a big bucket, because the roses usually have a well-developed root system that needs extra space to grow. In addition, the larger planter keeps the soil moist for longer. Choose a lighter bucket to reduce the sun's rays and prevent the earth from drying too quickly. Every third year, transplant the flowers into larger containers.

Choose a beautiful rose species

roses roses cultivate roses in the tub

Roses in the bucket: Put on the right kind of rose

Not all types of roses are suitable for breeding in the tub. It is not recommended to choose climbing roses or those with large flowers, because the limited space can not sufficiently feed them. Better stick to mini varieties or shrub roses.

Ensure good drainage

So that your roses do not fall ill fast, you should ensure a good drainage. Make sure that the bucket has enough openings and that the water runs well, otherwise there is a risk that the roots will rot.

Remember that the roses need regular watering. On hot summer days it may even be necessary to water them every day. When the top layer of soil is dry, sprinkle well in the morning, being careful not to wet the leaves, as the plant may become fungi or ill.

Ensure regular watering

roses in tub indoor plants rose species

Fertilize roses in the tub

The roses need a rich, nutritious soil to grow healthy and bloom richly. Invest in a better soil and mix with compost. Separately use fertilizer specifically for roses and strengthen the flowers each month with it. But at the end of summer you should stop fertilizing if the flowers overwinter outside.

Ensure enough sunshine

The roses are light-loving plants and therefore you should give those 5 to 6 hours of direct sun. If you have the roses in the bucket in the house over the winter, place them on a south or west windowsill.

Offer the right growth conditions

roses plow roses in the bucket

Keep the roses clean

Your roses will not bloom or be healthy long if you do not free them from the withered flowers and dried leaves. If you breed long-term rose varieties, you should cut them back every spring and free them from dried stalks and twigs.

Protect roses from wind

If you decide the place for your roses in the tub, you should also choose a sheltered place. Roses do not like the draft, because they make them sick and the soil dries faster, which in turn requires frequent watering.

These are the 7 care tips to grow beautiful and rich flowering roses in the tub. Take good care and enjoy the sight.

Protect the roses from the wind

red roses roses in tub

Bring a nutrient-rich earth

potting roses cultivate roses in tub

You can liven up even the little garden

roses in tub roses care

Also as balcony plants the roses in the tub are suitable

balcony plants roses in tub roses

Create a flavorful atmosphere

grow roses in tub roses

roses in tub roses roses breed

Avoid drops of water on leaves and flowers

roses breed roses in tub

Plant different types of roses in different colors

roses roses in tub roses

Every third year you should transplant the roses

roses in tub roses breed roses

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