7 main principles of trendy sustainable office furniture

7 main principles of trendy sustainable office furniture

Sustainability is a big issue, especially in the places where we spend a lot of time. The workplace clearly belongs to this category. The office furniture should therefore be ecological and beneficial for our health. We have often addressed the individual aspects of the topic in various articles on our website. In the following we summarize the most important principles of modern sustainability in office furnishings.

Light, comfortable furniture and everything else that you need for your well-being belong to the sustainable work office!

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The sustainable office furniture is functional

Multifunctional furniture and minimalism are among the main trends in interior design. You can stay economical and sustainable even in the home office. If you work from home, you can turn various storage spaces in the living room or bedroom, the kitchen island, kitchen tables and even wide window sills in different rooms into functional workplaces. In the larger office that you share with colleagues, the office table should also serve as a discussion table. You could also elegantly integrate the required storage space.

Sustainable also means healthy, among other things

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Recyclable and environmentally friendly materials

A minimalist office furniture relies on quality instead of too many pieces of furniture. This gives you the chance to choose ecological materials for your furniture. This should ideally be made from recycled materials or from those that can be reprocessed. A few days ago we published an article about the pallet furniture and decoration. Have you read this?

Choose furniture made from sustainable and reusable materials

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Reduce the use of plastic and plastic

Do you like to eat and drink hot drinks while you work? Some lose concentration without a snack or hot drink. In this case, you should ideally equip the office with enough crockery. This eliminates the need for disposable plates and cutlery made of plastic and plastic, which you use briefly and then throw away. This is an absolute no-go in terms of sustainability! The dishes should ideally also be made from sustainable materials.

Relaxed and happy people demonstrably behave more sustainably in everyday life

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Save electricity

Do you have sufficient access to light at your workplace? This is not only important for your health, but also for a good mood and thus for the quality of your work. You also save energy. So the office furnishings should be planned in such a way that you benefit as much as possible from natural light. Turn everything off at night. If possible, use energy-saving devices, lights and other facilities.

Let the natural light in and save energy!

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Make an oasis out of the office

Well-feeling and happy people are generally demonstrably more sustainable in their everyday lives. That’s why you should turn the office into a little oasis. The three tips below will help you do this.

Green oasis

Various plants, vertical gardens, flower pots – all of these should be part of the office furniture. They encourage our creativity, ensure relaxation and ultimately a positive attitude towards work and life in general.

Minimalism and high quality of the furniture make office furnishings sustainable

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Healthy ergonomic furniture furnishings

Invest in ergonomic office chairs and a variety of healthy seating options. For many people, for example, sitting on an exercise ball would be much healthier than sitting on a normal chair. Sometimes high tables are a better choice. This allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions. However, the bar stool should definitely have a backrest for your feet. Here you can find out more about a healthy posture while working.

Multi-functional furniture is part of sustainable office furnishings

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Office furniture for great breaks from work

The well-organized breaks are very important in everyday work. During this, you should not only recover physically, but also emotionally and mentally. What do you like to do? Do you read books, listen to music or paint? You could do a variety of everyday activities at home. Find employment that encourages your personal development. This is how you take care of your mental and emotional health while you work.

We wish you an effective and sustainable working day!


The workplace has a lot of light designed in this way. In addition, the work surface is multifunctional

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Ensure a relaxed atmosphere and health in the office

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Work sustainably and healthily. Life is more fun this way!

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