7 tips and strategies for successful wall design in stairwells

7 tips and strategies for successful wall design in stairwells

The flowing transition between different rooms in open living plans has remained a current design solution for several years. The main benefit of this is the feeling of having a wide looking space. In addition, such design solutions radiate a lot of openness and thus a contemporary flair. The greatest challenge here is to maintain the feeling of comfort and homeliness. This is guaranteed above all by the successful wall design in the stairwell. In our opinion, the most important tips and strategies can be reduced to 7. These are listed and explained below.

A family tree trunk could be a great decorating idea for the wall design next to the stairwell

Picture wall family pictures stairwell

The wall design as an accent area

In most cases, you opt for an accent wall in the open plan. She could of course be in the stairwell. It should be highlighted from the rest of the design. This works well with a special texture, sculptural design or an accent color. You could also opt for an artful picture wall design. Of course, there are other strategies for doing this, too, which you can see about here.

Color and texture create a stylish and subtle accent wall

Gray wall design stairwell

Wall design that better integrates the stairwell into the interior design

Sometimes you have the following problem: The stairwell breaks up the uniform atmosphere of the interior design too much. In this case, the adjacent wall design plays an important strategic role. This should visually unify the design of the stairs and other elements of the interior. The wall design welds the various elements of the interior design together.

The picture wall would be a typical strategy for the stairwell design

Ornate stairwell wall ideas

Structuring the open living space

Many modern house residents strive for uniformity in the open plan of living. Others like to take the other direction when designing: They rely on the clear division into different zones. The stairwell could be in the center of a functional area in the home. In this case, the wall design behind it could visually contribute to the separation from this. For this, it should be in harmony with the rest of the furniture and decorations in the corresponding living areas, both visually and aesthetically.

With this wall design, both the decoration and the security have been thought of

Modern decoration ideas wall ideas staircase

Wall design as a picture wall

As you can see from our examples, the picture wall is a very common strategy for accent surfaces in the stairwell. Whether you design these with abstract artwork or family photos is up to you. Above all, the frames and the arrangement ensure that this wall is stylistically in harmony with the rest of the design. In contemporary minimalist homes, a large abstract picture might do the wall design. If you opt for the vintage or classic living style, you could distribute several family pictures in great frames next to the stairs.

Make a green zone out of the wall design in the stairwell!

Modern ideas for the stairwell

Make the staircase the green zone of your apartment

Instead of spreading the houseplants all over the apartment or house, you could bring a larger number of them together in a specific zone. For one, that’s pretty handy for grooming. You don’t have to walk all over the apartment to fertilize and water it. In addition, such a strategy looks particularly modern in purely visual terms. The plants form their own zone and thus serve as an accent in the room. This makes it appear more structured and more individual.

Often you decide on artistic wall design in harmony with your own interior design

Modern wall ideas for the stairwell

More light

The lighting represents a great challenge for open Wuhnplans. A typical problem in such rooms is the uniform spread of the light. Furthermore, certain areas often remain dark all the time. You could correct this disadvantage with the wall decoration. The mirror effects could spread the light in the interior in such a way that everything looks brighter and therefore more cozy. In addition, great built-in or pendant lights could be installed there. In this way you combine decoration and useful functionality.

Here the wall has been highlighted from the rest of the design by texture

Trendy texture - wall decoration stairwell

Extra security

The wall design could also serve for additional security. Railings could be attached to both sides of the stairs. This could of course also be designed in an original style. In this way, they would serve security and show an original decorative effect at the same time. The integrated lighting could also be very helpful in this regard.

The wall design in the stairwell could combine different elements of the interior decoration

Trendy contemporary staircase

Here you can see how the wall design in the stairwell can separate other living areas

Staircase - great idea made of wood

With such original patterns you could create an accent wall in the industrial stairwell

Staircase - great patterns in the stairwell

Stairwell abstract images

Staircase decoration railing

Staircase - a super modern picture wall

The green design of the wall in the stairwell is a very popular decoration strategy

Staircase - green wall design - flower pots

Staircase - integrated lighting wall ideas

Staircase modern wallpaper great ideas

Staircase storage wall ideas

Modern lighting is a popular design strategy

Staircase - great lighting for the wall

Stairwell great sculptures

Staircase - great wall ideas made of wood

You can make a great accent out of the wall on the stairwell

Staircase stairwell design great

Stairwell hanging lights wooden wall

The wall design in the stairwell can play both a functional and a decorative role

Staircase -modern pictures ideas

Wonderful stair ideas pictures stairwell

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