7 tips for setting up your desk according to Feng Shui

The work is only fun if it contributes to our further development and ensures our prosperity. Being diligent is an important prerequisite for this, but it doesn't work that easy. You need the right attitude, positive thinking and strong energy. Feng Shui is supposed to promote this by helping to arrange the objects around us in such a way that it promotes our positive development. The main principles of this philosophical teaching can be used in practically all aspects of life. In this article, we'll cover how to set up your desk in accordance with these.

Tidy the desk so that the energy flows freely

Computer ideas desk feng shui in the office

The correct position of the desk according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, the desk should ideally be oriented so that you, when seated, look outside. So you have a strong influx of natural light and energy in the room. Another successful position would be that opposite the front door. The beautiful view or good overview is definitely a must. By being in the right position, you maintain realism in your work and always appreciate the complicated situations in life. If such a positioning of the desk to the window is impossible or difficult due to the floor plan or other circumstances, then great murals could also come to the rescue. If you have beautiful paintings or photos with landscapes and wide panorama pictures in front of your eyes, this will also open your consciousness to the perception of current possibilities.

Beautiful pictures, views, and perspectives are ideal for decorating the desk

Feng Shui in the office - comfortable living

Leave only the bare essentials on the table!

According to Feng Shui, minimalism in the design of the desk is mandatory. The objects there should only represent a framework within which you can develop your creative power. For those of you who need a lot of small items while working, we have a helpful tip: A creative box or a beautifully decorated bowl could keep the small items close at hand that you don't need at the moment. Otherwise everything is neatly tidy and the box or bowl serves as an attractive accent on the desk. Minimalism is also very important for another reason: According to Feng Shui, the order of the objects in our apartment is impressed on our consciousness.

The center of the desk should preferably be left free

Feng Shui in the office - noble living room ideas

Correctly design the corner of prosperity and wealth

The far left corner of the desk is particularly important according to Feng Shui. There the energy of wealth and prosperity should flow. It is best to position your computer so that your gaze is directed there as you work. In this corner of the home office, you could place a decorative item in green color. Crystals, gemstones or vases in this shade would be suitable. A great decorative plant with large green leaves would also be perfect there.

The plant in the far left corner of the home office nurtures the energy of prosperity and wealth

Feng Shui in the office - flexible decoration ideas

Plan your career development in the right place

The area at the front left of the desk corresponds to the orientation in professional life. Planning should therefore take place roughly there. A good option would be to position the notebook there. This would be more likely to get your day planning in the right direction.

Decide intuitively which of the desk set-up rules are right for you

Feng Shui in the office - well structured room

Leave the center of the desk blank to keep you healthy

This point, which is the exact center of your desk, symbolizes health in Feng Shui. It should ideally be completely free of objects. This will help you focus on work and overcome the stress of everyday life.

The desk in this office looks towards the door and this one for team discussions is almost directly at the window. According to Feng Shui, this distribution is quite successful.

Feng Shui in the office - bright room design

Be careful with the mirror effect

Mirror surfaces

Transparent and mirror surfaces are particularly modern in the preparation of work tables. However, such models are especially suitable for minimalist spaces. In a poorly organized space, such types of table surfaces add confusion and create a sense of chaos.

Mirrors and objects with mirror surfaces

Mirrors and objects with mirror surfaces only stand correctly if they are facing beautiful objects in the room. This is how they develop their positive effect. While the mirror in the bedroom or in the entrance area must by no means be opposite the door, the opposite applies here. In this case, such positioning doubles the validity of the existing perspectives.

The light and the plants encourage creative energy

Feng Shui in the office - small room

Attract the desired energy through the decoration

Element earth for more concentration

If you have problems with concentration, then use as many symbols of the element “earth” as possible in the desk decoration. This is about the yellow color, the square shape, as well as vessels made of clay or ceramic.

If you organize your work documents well, that will be just as well memorized in your mind

Feng Shui in the office - great modern room design

Element of water for better communication

If success, empathy and positive communication are particularly important to you, the element of water should be present as possible when setting up the table. If you have to meet a lot of people, this would absorb other people's negative energy as well. Always keep a glass of pure water on the table. This is also how you are likely to drink more fluids. A flower vase or maybe even an aquarium with fish would also be very suitable.

If you set up the desk in such a minimalist way, you leave plenty of room for creativity

Feng Shui in the office - living room ideas

Metal for better pay

If you like your work but really want to earn more with it, use as much metal as possible in the decoration. Silver, gold, and copper accents would be ideal for table design. However, do not overdo it if you are already a manager or in another management position. Otherwise you could become too cruel and despotic.

Mirror effects that embellish the ambience are ideal for the office

Feng Shui in the office decoration

The element of fire for more determination

The element of fire is ideally presented by the red color and the triangular shape. If you can, also position aromatic candles or incense sticks and light them from time to time. According to Feng Shui, this will provide you with plenty of energy.

The minimalism in the furnishing of the desk has many advantages

Feng Shui in the office wooden table ideas

Wood against burnout

A work table made of wood, decorations made of this material or various plants in flower vases help against the symptoms of fatigue. If you decorate your table with it, you reduce the risk of burnout. In addition, the wood elements promote your intuition and consequently you make adequate decisions more easily.

The beautiful wall design also ensures optimistic perspectives

Green wall design Feng Shui in the office

More tips for setting up your desk

You don't necessarily have to adhere to all of the rules listed. Try out one or more of them and intuitively feel which of them is the most suitable for you. In addition, some Feng Shui rules can be adapted to your specific situation. While it's perfect if the desk is right across from the window. But it is also sufficient if it is simply well lit. Take the size of the table into consideration and adjust the dimensions and the number of decorative elements to it. Some of them don't necessarily have to be on the work table itself. It is enough if they are in your point of view while you work.

We wish you creative work that is a lot of fun and only good prospects in life!

According to Feng Shui, pictures of families and friends help to find one's calling more easily

Ideas for table design Feng Shui in the office

This office furniture is ideal because it complies with the Feng Shui rules and at the same time is in harmony with the rest of the room

Interior great ideas Feng Shui in the office

A stylish and simple idea for the desk

Minimalist workspace Feng Shui in the office

There should only be space on the desk for inspiring decorations

Nice combination of colors Feng Shui in the office

The worktable equipment should ensure an optimistic attitude

Great design Feng Shui in the office

Here we see an example of masculine minimalist design

Living ideas for the interior - Feng Shui in the office

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