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A light goes on – make DIY rainbow lantern yourself

"I go with my lantern and my lantern with me …" Soon one of the favorite festivals of the children – St. Martin, And what would St. Martin be without a fitting St. Martin's lantern. Even with the lanterns the rainbow trend does not stop this year. Especially for an event like St. Martin, many mothers say "Ran's the scissors and let's make a lantern ourselves". But please not too complicated. This DIY rainbow lantern is anything but difficult to tinker and can also like to be designed together with the child.

trendy-diy-rainbow lantern

colorful-baender-for-diy-rainbow lantern

Make DIY trendy rainbow lantern Step by Step yourself

Required material:

  • finished lantern
  • different colorful ribbons
  • Construction paper in bright colors
  • hot glue
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Decoration for decorating, z. Colorful sequins or pom poms
  • lantern stick
  • light string

And this is how it's done:

  1. Cut out rainbow sheets in different colors from construction paper. Use a round object or a semicircle ruler. Plates and bowls in various sizes are also used as a template. tip: The bottom line of the larger rainbow is automatically the top line of the next smaller one.
  2. Then stick the cut-out rainbow arches with hot glue on the lantern and put it together as a rainbow.
  3. From each of the different ribbons, cut two strips of approx. 20cm each.
  4. Glue the ribbons on both sides of the rainbow with hot glue at the lower ends of the rainbow.
  5. Then decorate the DIY lantern with sequins and pompoms. Just glue them on the lantern with hot glue.
  6. Finally, attach a lantern stick to the DIY rainbow lantern and hang a string of lights with batteries in the lantern. tip: Even the lantern stick can be wrapped with ribbons, so that it is a little more individual and better to hold.

The finished DIY rainbow lantern will definitely put a smile on your face and will attract attention with every St. Martin's move. It is really so easy and fast to tinker, that this is still possible at the last minute. It is also nice that you can continue to use the lantern after the St. Martin parade as a lamp in the nursery. Simply hang a lamp holder in the lantern, ready.

Have fun after crafting.

Your Mona

diy rainbow lantern

trendy-diy-rainbow lantern-for-st-martin

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