As stylish as a holiday home: tips & tricks

As stylish as a holiday home: tips & tricks

Do you remember your last vacation in a holiday home? Thanks to Corona, it was probably a little longer ago for many of us, but everyone gets wanderlust at the thought. The holiday feeling in the private 4 walls is something very special. A bit of hotel flair, but a lot of privacy and comfort are what make a good holiday home. Who wouldn’t want to feel that all year round?

With a few simple tips you can create the holiday home style in your own home and make yourself and your guests really comfortable.

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Comfort is the be all and end all

Comfort is the top priority when it comes to furnishing. After all, vacation homes are used for recreation.

You can build the same principle into your home. Create a large, comfortable sofa area that plays a central role in your living room. At the same time, it should be easy to care for and not be too light in color, because you will not find any sensitive fabrics and colors in a holiday home either. Calm, light colors on the walls ensure a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and subtle decoration provides that certain something.

There are also many accessories that create a cozy atmosphere: pillows in harmonious colors, matching curtains, subtle table decorations and pictures on the walls that reflect the character of the house and its residents.

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Decoration with character and flair – but not too much!

You will always immediately notice location-related decorative elements in the holiday home: the maritime hangers, posters and pictures of the beach town from past years and souvenirs from the region. You can also accommodate all of this at home, be it with decorations from your hometown or from your favorite vacation spot.

Stay true to one style when furnishing – this will avoid a wild, jumbled mess of decorative and furnishing items. Plus, less is more. You quickly accumulate an unbelievable flood of decorative objects at home, but that quickly looks overloaded to the visitor.

Just take away half of the home decoration and see your own 4 walls in a whole new, fresh light. The same goes for furniture, of course. There should be enough space not to feel crushed between cabinets and tables. Only put as much furniture in your room as is really necessary.

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Appropriate facility

What makes a lot of sense in the holiday home makes even more sense in your home. What purpose does furniture and co. Have to fulfill? Be pragmatic when choosing your home furnishings and only buy what you really need. In small rooms, storage space is usually very important, closed cupboards and shelves are a good solution, especially for families with children, so that they do not see the chaos behind them.

Incidentally, in a holiday home there is almost always a living room cupboard with board games, the idea is perfect for home use.

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Multimedia is a real must

The guest feels welcome when he doesn’t have to worry about everyday things for long. Several charging options for smartphones, tablets, etc. in the house or apartment are the perfect approach, especially in the guest room, the guest should be able to connect his devices without any problems. Do not block out sockets unnecessarily and create connection options. Write the WiFi password on a piece of paper on the dessert – your guest will thank you for it and feel comfortable.

The homely guest room with envy factor

If you are one of those lucky people who have their own guest room, this is where you can turn it into a real little vacation room. Don’t give your guests the feeling of having to spend the night in the junk room, but create an absolute feel-good atmosphere. Essential are an empty (or partially empty) wardrobe, a comfortable bed with a bedside table, friendly, harmonious colors for walls and when choosing textiles, charging cables for smartphones and laptops and, if possible, a luggage rack.

If the guest room is usually used as a storage space for exercise bikes, empty suitcases and old clothes, all of this should be cleared out beforehand. This is the only way to create the perfect guest room in which your guest feels welcome and comfortable.

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