Assemble a stairlift at home and enjoy freedom of movement

Assemble a stairlift at home and enjoy freedom of movement

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that even within your own four walls you come across movement restrictions and certain obstacles. This mainly affects the elderly and the physically disabled. Climbing and descending the stairs in a house or in a maisonette is a serious challenge for such people. But moving around independently in your own apartment is a must, there must be no barriers in your own home and limit free movement . Fortunately, a suitable solution can be found in such cases and it is called: installing a stairlift. If you also have difficulties climbing stairs, we would like to provide you with detailed information on the subject of stairlifts at home in the following lines.

What Makes the Stairlift So Popular Lately?

The stairwell is a key element that makes multi-storey houses and apartments accessible. But that is exactly what could make living in your own home problematic. Because with age, the joints start to hurt and any movement can become torture. Free movement becomes impossible without the help of other people. To prevent this from happening, a stairlift is installed to help the elderly or disabled person stay mobile. You should not necessarily buy a new stairlift, but can buy a used one or simply rent a stairlift. There are also very different stairlift models for different requirements.

There should be no barriers in your own four walls to free movement!

stair lift for indoor straight rail safety belt

On the one hand, the stairlift should meet all the needs of the house residents. In this regard, the modern stairlifts have several options so that everyone can find what they are looking for. If knee and hip joints hurt, a standing seat is available. Automatic swivel function of the seat, automatic footrest and a seat belt are further additional options. A big advantage of the modern stairlifts is the battery operation. In the event of a power failure, the lift can also be used without a remote control. On the other hand, it is important that the stairlift fits in well with the overall furnishing concept. There are several designs to choose from, with seats and rails available in different colors.

With such an acquisition, overcome the barriers to movement at home

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What types of stairlifts are there?

Constantly relying on family members and friends to help you walk is uncomfortable. That is why more and more people opt for a stairlift at home. But which one is the right one? In fact, there are two main types of stairlifts depending on the type of stairway itself. Thus, a distinction is made between stairlifts for straight stairs and stairlifts for a curved staircase. A straight stairlift travels up and down a straight rail that is precisely tailored to the length of the staircase. The rail of the curved stairlift is adapted to the stairs with the help of the most modern photometric measurement technology so that the stairlift can easily negotiate every slope and corner. In fact, a distinction must also be made between single-rail and double-rail stairlifts. The double rail design is a better solution for stairs with tight curves. So, the stairlift should be carefully selected for indoor use, for the basement or for the garden.

Every area in your home should be accessible

Assemble the stair lift Select the curve stair lift from various options

Financial support from the health insurance company for the construction of a stairlift

It is of great importance that people in old age stay in their own homes for as long as possible. For this reason, any barriers that make this impossible should be overcome. Such is the case with the stairs that lead to the upper floor. But not everyone can easily afford a stairlift. Surely many people ask themselves whether there is a subsidy for a stairlift? Yes, the health insurance company financially supports elderly and disabled people in building a stairlift at home. Because it is of paramount importance to make the living space barrier-free and to adapt the living environment to age, the health insurance pays up to 4,000 € per person for the construction of a stair lift. An important prerequisite for this, however, is to have a degree of care recognized by the insurance.

The stairlift represents an improvement in living space, which is why the construction of a lift is partially covered by the health insurance

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Are you also considering installing a stairlift in your home so that the stairs do not pose any obstacles in front of you? Then choose the most suitable model, depending on the type of staircase. Depending on that, you should also pay a different price. However, stairlifts actually cost a lot of money, but it’s worth it in the name of comfort and personal well-being in your own home.

Reach your goal effortlessly

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