Bathroom design ideas for an open bathroom with high demands

Bathroom design ideas for an open bathroom with high demands

Today’s bathroom has several conveniences to offer. This private room has almost received the statute from the other rooms long ago. Hygiene is not the only priority here, comfort and style are also important. In order to feel comfortable in the modern bathroom, unusual bathroom design ideas are put into practice, which also feature high quality materials and a wide variety of shapes and colors. In today’s post we present you with a modernist and atypical conception for the bathroom. It’s about the open bathroom. Do you also need a few ideas for your own extraordinary bathroom design? Then browse through the following lines and let yourself be inspired.

Bathroom design ideas for a modern open bathroom

bathroom design ideas bathtub wood look glass wall

Why open bathrooms are gaining popularity

The tendency to turn the most private room in one’s own home into a peculiar wellness oasis can be clearly seen in modern interior design. In the stressful times in which we live, relaxation and tranquility are highly valued. That is why you tend to align your own bathroom along the lines of a spa area. This includes not only aromatherapy and subtle color design, but also innovative room concepts. This is how the open bathroom was created.

An open bathroom is somehow reminiscent of a suite. With this type of furniture, the bathroom is in the bedroom. This transforms the whole room into an absolutely private space. Just as the kitchen and living room are often combined, the bedroom and bathroom are also being combined more and more often. This is possible because the two rooms have a lot in common. The main thing here is the pursuit of seclusion, relaxation and well-being. By the way, this approach is a great way to make sensible use of the space in your own apartment. Especially if you have a large bedroom.

An open bathroom that is similar to a spa area

bathroom design ideas spa area similar

An open bathroom lets you get rid of the dreary and oppressive feeling that a closed bathroom without a window often causes. On the contrary, an open bathroom offers much more space and freedom to move around. It also becomes a place with a lot of light, which greatly affects the feeling of space.

But such a bathroom concept is not suitable for everyone. People who place a particularly high value on privacy in their own bathroom prefer to forego an open bathroom design. This is also not a suitable option for families with children.

Modern bathroom design with open floor plans

bathroom design ideas open bathroom freestanding bathtub

Bathroom design ideas for a bathroom without walls

There are also numerous design options for the open bathroom. It must be emphasized once again that the open bathroom is a completely different spatial concept. A bathroom can be integrated into a large bedroom as well as into a smaller one. The bathroom itself could also be divided into smaller areas. The color design plays a significant role here. It is advisable to use subtle shades. Just pay attention to the bigger picture.

The special thing about this type of room design is that the bathroom furniture is visible. Of course there is only room here for the most important things. A washing machine or dryer is impossible here. However, one often opts for a free-standing bathtub. Incidentally, this is a hot trend in modern bathroom furnishings. However, a shower is usually preferred in a smaller bathroom. One of the most important things to consider in an open bathroom are splash screens. These ensure that no water from the shower or washbasin penetrates the sleeping area.

Open bathrooms offer a different sense of wellbeing

bathroom design ideas simple colors stylish furnishings

However, there are several ways in which to separate the bathroom from the sleeping area. This could be a partition, a partition made of frosted glass or color differences in the room design. Another floor covering in the bathroom fulfills the same separating function.

Modern bathrooms not only fascinate with contemporary furniture and color combinations, but also with unusual room planning. If you want to keep up with the latest trends, you could go for an open bathroom design and enjoy wonderful relaxation in your own home.

Small open bathroom with rustic touches in the furnishings

bathroom design ideas minimalist stylish

Modern bathroom design in dark colors, separated from the sleeping area by a glass wall

bathroom design ideas dark color scheme masculine charisma

The freestanding bathtub takes bedroom design to a higher level

bathroom design ideas freestanding bathtub unusual furnishing ideas

A few steps separate the bathtub from the bed

bathroom design ideas glass partition wall fresh colors

With a modern bathtub you set accents in the room

bathroom design ideas glass partition wall create a stylish bedroom

Open bathrooms are attractive and stunning

bathroom design ideas glass room dividers neutral colors

Demarcate the bathtub with a transparent curtain

bathroom design ideas small bedroom open bathroom room divider

A free-standing bathtub also finds its right place in the small sleeping area

bathroom design ideas beautiful view open bathroom

By connecting the sleeping area with the bathroom, you create more cosiness

bathroom design ideas open bathroom create cool living ideas

The modern concept for open bathroom design has many supporters

bathroom design ideas open bathroom no partition

Luxurious and cozy at the same time

bathroom design ideas open plan bedroom and bathroom combine

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