Beach chair in the garden turns your own outdoor area into a maritime oasis of wellbeing

Beach chair in the garden turns your own outdoor area into a maritime oasis of wellbeing

A vacation by the sea always leaves good memories. Foaming waves, bright sun, light wind … The feeling of enjoying the warm weather on the beach can also be transferred to your own outdoor area. With the help of a beach chair, you can create a holiday mood in the garden or on the veranda in no time at all. In addition, beach chairs offer quality relaxation not only in summer, but also all year round. In the following we will tell you how to find a suitable beach chair for you.

The beach chair is practical and is very trendy

beach chair trendy garden furniture comfortable seating

A beach chair is a worthwhile purchase for a cozy atmosphere in the garden

The garden furniture largely determines the atmosphere in the outdoor area. With the help of a beach chair, you can create a cozy and exciting atmosphere in the outdoor area. This trendy piece of furniture is a cozy and therefore preferred seat there.

The beach chair has a few distinguishing features: The base of the beach chair is a frame made of high-quality wood. A hood is above it, and there are two side panels on the left and right. In most cases these are covered with high quality plastic. So rain and sun cannot cause any damage. The comfortable seat is usually upholstered with beautifully patterned cushion covers, which are usually removable. The moisture-repellent material is a huge advantage of modern beach chairs.

Beach chairs are a great way to relax and unwind, and not just in the warm months. These can even be left outside all year round if they are covered with a suitable protective cover. With the right care and regular cleaning, beach chairs will last for many years.

You can enjoy the first warm days of spring in a beach chair, because it is well protected from wind and weather

choose a beach chair garden fresh design extras

The historical prototype of the beach chair was developed at the request of a lady suffering from rheumatism who wanted to look at the sea. The imperial court basket master Wilhelm Bartelmann created a wicker chair that was protected from wind and sun. Over the years this has developed into a beach chair in all its versions that we know today.

If you want to buy a beach chair these days, you have a wide range of options. The beach chairs differ not only in material and color, but also in size and shape. Different models offer different advantages, so that everyone can find inexpensive beach chairs that meet their own needs. So you are spoiled for choice when buying a beach chair. That is why it is important to ask yourself a few questions and determine the right model for you.

The beach chairs: a variety of models and something for every taste

Full berth or half berth? A trendy single-seater or the traditional two-seater? What would you like to order? Depending on how you want to relax, you can also opt for different designs. If you long for a beautiful complexion in summer, you would need a beach chair with full length. A semi-reclining beach chair, on the other hand, is better suited to reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea outdoors.

Also consider the weight of the beach chair! If you want to move this from place to place, a heavy model is not a good option for you. Otherwise, you could buy a beach chair with wheels. You can change its location at will.

The material from which beach chairs are made also plays a decisive role in the selection. What does your beach chair have to be made of? Made of processed fabrics or natural materials? The different materials show differences in robustness and appearance. And it does matter what kind of image is created in the garden arrangement, doesn’t it?

As a rule, beach chairs are made from high quality wood. Even then, however, a protective cover is necessary to protect these outdoor furniture from wind and weather. They are also protected from dirt and dust in this way. If you don’t use the beach chair in winter, you could place it on a Euro pallet so that it gets enough air circulation from below.

Beach chairs bring a fresh holiday feeling

beach chair create a garden holiday mood

Equipped with a few accessories, the beach chair becomes a favorite place in the garden or on the terrace. The comfortable upholstery makes your stay even more beautiful. And additional extras not only give the beach chair more functionality, but also transform it into a preferred place to relax in the garden. In addition, neck pillows and footrests make this unusual piece of furniture even more comfortable. Bottle holders, practical storage compartments and additional tables ensure even more convenience.

North Sea or Baltic Sea beach chair? Find the right beach chair that suits your personal needs among all possible designs. If it is made of high quality materials, you will enjoy it for a long time!

Solid wood and poly rattan have a different look and thus visually change the garden

choose a beach chair material additional extras

For a longer service life, protect the beach chair with a cover

beach chair comfortable seat support fresh stripe pattern

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