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For me, the beginning of the year is always the time when I feel the need to keep things tidy and make the home really clean again. After all the rather lazy holidays one is especially motivated to clean up from scratch, to sort out and to get rid of old Balast.

For more order in the kitchen and fun cleaning, this year at my home trendy order helpers from DEPOT in the stylish Skandi look.

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putz down zil-nice-stowed

Spring cleaning with beautiful Ordnungshelfern in Skandi look

Cleaning is not exactly everyone's (or -fraus) favorite pastime. But such a decent spring cleaning at the beginning of the year can also have something liberating and relaxed. And with the right cleaning utensils, it's even more fun.

Recently, it has even been observed that the trend tends to be that even Nutzgegenstände get an ever nicer design, so perhaps the work a little easier. Because we are honest, such a stylish black dustpan is much more handsome than the version of red plastic.

Spring Cleaning with Trim helpers-of-depot

Also handy to the beautiful household helpers is that you do not have to hide them in a closet or drawer. A trendy wooden hook strip (here simply screwed without the upper board to the side of a kitchen cabinet) is the perfect storage place for the beautiful household helpers. Not only are they close at hand, they even serve as a kind of decoration in the kitchen.

order helper-in-the-kitchen

wood hook strip-with-periodic sheet and sheet-bucket-in-the-kitchen

spring cleaning-with-putz utensils-in-stylish-look

10 nice order helpers from DEPOT

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So from my side, it can start now with the cleaning and keep order. And with you?

Your Mona

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