Bed headboards with decorative value that spice up the bedroom

Bed headboards with decorative value that spice up the bedroom

To be honest, choosing a bed that suits your needs and the space available is a laborious task. But one detail is of decisive importance when choosing the right bed: the headboard. It is true that bed headboards often make a bigger impression than beds themselves. Especially modern bed headboards, the purpose of which is to be more decorative than practical. That is the topic of our contribution today: How headboards transform, upgrade and enchant the bedroom …

The headboard could function as a part of the bed or it could be added if the bed is purchased without a headboard. It is also often the case that for one reason or another one does without the headboard. Nevertheless, this element is an extra that takes the sleeping area to a higher level. In addition, sometimes the head end is simply an eye-catcher on the wall. You will see for yourself how creative you can be when it comes to the headboard. There are also current trends and popular designs for this bedroom element, so that everyone will find something. If you are also going to sit on a headboard, take inspiration from the following examples.

Modern headboards have several functions

bed headboards shabby chic idea beautiful eye-catcher

Upholstered headboards

In order to feel comfortable in your own bedroom, it is very important that you create a homely atmosphere. The interplay of materials, colors and patterns makes a huge contribution to this. So the design of the headboard is also crucial. Upholstered headboards are a good choice. Padded headboards are more than just a headboard. They are an eye catcher. In a simply designed bedroom, an upholstered headboard or a headboard made of fabric brings a certain dynamic. This is also an elegant way to stylishly decorate the sleeping area. You can change the headboard and freshen up the interior in no time. Colorful module headboards made of squares or rectangles liven up the interior and monochrome or patterned upholstered headboards make the room look more elegant.

The headboard made of fabric is a fresh decoration in modern interiorsupholstered bed headboards stripes fresh bedroom decor

Upholstered headboards are real eye-catchers

upholstered bed headboards soft pink color beautiful highlight

Wall decoration as a headboard

Beds that are leaning against the wall don’t need a headboard in the real sense of the word. The wall decoration could take on the function of a bed head. It is about any wall decoration: from wallpaper, to wall stickers to decoration made of solid carved wood. And a black board gives you the unique opportunity to design a fairytale headboard according to your own preferences. Wall decoration that acts as the headboard is something special in modern bedroom design.

A stylish wall decoration is the perfect headboard

bed headboards beautiful design eye-catching bedroom ideas

Even the entire bedroom wall could be the main bed

bed headboards wall paper books fresh deco ideas bedroom

Geometric patterns are a modernist bed head

bed headboards geometric pattern wall decoration

Bed headboard made from recycled materials

Building the headboard yourself is a decision that should be commended. Home-made bed headboards are a unique decoration in every bedroom. You have to choose from numerous DIY ideas so that both craft fans and experienced hobbyists can create an original design. Wood panels and pallets are wonderfully suited to create a fancy headboard. By the way, old doors and shutters are a useful material for a custom headboard. Such headboards made of recycled materials give the room its own character and are therefore a preferred design. Especially if you want to give the bedroom a rustic touch.

Cool, rustic headboards are made from recycled wood

bed headboards pallets creative diy ideas bedroom

The headboard is the first thing you notice in this room

bed headboards reuse old doors bedroom design

Spice up the industrial bedroom design with a vintage headboard

bed headboards old shutter masculine look

Practical headboards

In addition to their decorative value, bed heads can also have a practical use in the sleeping area. A functional bedroom benefits one hundred percent from a headboard that offers additional storage space. This could be both a modern partition wall and a chest of drawers. It is advantageous that you can collect books and magazines here or arrange various decorative items. This is an extremely practical solution, especially in a small sleeping area.

Somewhat minimalist and so functional!

bed headboard storage space design masculine look

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize once again that the headboard is an important element in bedroom furnishings. Some put this as an accent in the interior design, others choose a more subtle design made of leather or rattan. It is important that the headboard influences the look of the room and should be selected with care. Use the following picture gallery as a real source of inspiration and find the perfect bed headboard for your bedroom. It is entirely possible that you could bring this to the fore with an accent wall. Be creative!

Put the simple headboard in the limelight with inspiring wallpaper

bed headboards unusual wall decoration beautiful background

A suitable headboard for the male bedroom

bed headboards unusual idea black color

The bedroom wall in concrete look brings out the brown upholstered headboard

bed headboards brown headboard simple bedroom design

A playful design for this eclectic bedroom

bed headboards deco ideas bedroom color accents

A fresh idea for the headboard that makes the bedroom an inviting place

bed headboards fresh ideas bedroom furniture design ideas

Carefully consider the color of the headboard

upholstered bed headboards elegant furnishing ideas for sleeping area

A good decision for the headboard in a luxurious bedroom

bed headboards leather design to furnish luxurious bedroom

Have you always dreamed of a bed like a fairy tale?

bed headboards black board creative living ideas bedroom furnishing

The bed with headboard is an advantageous solution for the modern bedroom

bed headboards create a luxurious bedroom

A particularly stylish idea for a practical and at the same time decorative headboard

bed headboards modern design stylish bedroom little furniture

Patchwork module headboard is a unique decoration in the sleeping area

bed headboards modern bedroom bed headboard diy

bed headboards recycle creative bedroom decoration ideas

bed headboards rustic design bedroom furnishing dark colors

bed headboards chic eye-catching bedroom furnishing ideas

bed headboards beautiful design wood look accent wall

bed headboards stylish ideas elegant furnishing ideas

bed headboards wall decoration headboard unusual furnishing ideas bedroom


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