Begonia Houseplant -Easy to care for and so adorable!

Begonia Houseplant -Easy to care for and so adorable!

In Germany, begonias are quickly recognizable and very popular plants for indoors and outdoors. They decorate the garden, balcony and terrace, but can also decorate the home beautifully. What makes them popular among all plant lovers is their ease of care. The begonia is also one of the most species-rich types of plants. So you are sure to find a begonia to suit your own taste! Regardless of whether you choose a flowering or leaf variant, a begonia houseplant brings tenderness and freshness to your four walls. But what is important when caring for this beautiful houseplant?

Begonia houseplant has pretty patterned leaves and colorful flowers

begonia houseplant easy-care houseplants white flowers

Begonia houseplant – an overview of all you need to know

The begonia is still called slate. It has a small growth and is therefore particularly compact. It is interesting to know that female and male flowers coexist in begonia. Begonias are sturdy and long-lived houseplants. Direct rays of the sun are not good for their development, but a bright and not too warm place is quite suitable for this houseplant. A north or east window is the right location in this sense. The optimal room temperature for the begonias is around 20 degrees Celsius. So be careful if you want to put them on the windowsill.

The genus of begonias is so diverse that they are divided into several groups. These are, for example, begonias with normal roots, begonias with thick, creeping rhizomes and tuberous begonias with a thickened storage organ at the end of the trunk.

Among all the begonia species there are those that bloom and others that are fascinating only because of their leaves. These look very varied: some are jagged, others fringed or rolled, and others have wonderful leaf drawings.

Some of the begonia varieties grow better in the room than others. The royal begonia and the eyelash begonia are without a doubt the best examples of this.

The begonia is fascinating because of its rich biodiversity

begonia houseplant beautiful flowers colorful decoration

The begonia only gets its real ornamental value through the right care

Begonias do not need a large pot. The earth must have a neutral or slightly acidic pH. In addition, it does not have to be too much so that waterlogging does not form.

Begonias need poured regularly with low-lime tap water or distilled water. Make sure that the irrigation water is at room temperature. This protects the begonia, as well as all indoor plants, by the way. Avoid that irrigation water collects at the root ball. The begonia does not tolerate this. You must therefore remove the water left after watering. But don’t let the earth dry out completely!

You don’t have to freshly potted plants fertilize. Only after three months is it possible to fertilize the begonia with liquid fertilizer. As a rule, begonias are fertilized once a month in spring and summer and less often in winter. This is how the plant shows its best side.

Begonias have well-shaped leaves of different sizes

begonia houseplant unusual leaf shape leaf begonia

It is advisable to repot the begonia immediately after purchasing it. You can also do this in spring, because in the development period the plants can tolerate any damage more easily.

Begonias do not thrive well in dry air. Therefore you should try to increase the humidity in the room. Humidifiers and bowls filled with water are good options for this. You could also spray the begonia houseplant at regular intervals as a preventive measure. If the humidity is too low, powdery mildew will appear.

It is also worth knowing:

  • If the leaves of the begonia have brown or yellow edges or spots, the water is too much.
  • Pruning the begonia is not a must. However, if there are dead leaves and withered flowers, it is advisable to remove them for decorative reasons.
  • The pests that attack the begonias are leaf alveoli, red spider and cyclamen mites.
  • It is to be taken into account that the juice of the begonias toxic is.

Some species of begonia are real works of art!

begonia houseplant magnificent leaf pattern beautiful colors

Conclusion: It is no coincidence that the begonia is one of the favorite plants for the home: You have a huge variety of flower colors and sizes. Regardless of whether you choose a flowering or leafy begonia, this will turn into a real eye-catcher!

Colored, patterned begonia leaves catch the eye in no time

begonia houseplant left out leaves great coloration

The begonia houseplant spices up any ambience

Begonia houseplant to care for leaf begonia properly

Begonias have delicate flowers in soft colors

begonia houseplant white begonia freshness deco

The foliage of the begonia is simply inspiring!

begonia houseplant attractive leaves beautiful decoration for the home

It is a good idea to arrange begonias in groups

Begonia houseplant flowers of different colors

With proper care, the begonia will thank you with beautiful leaves and colored flowers

begonia houseplant easy-care houseplant beautiful leaves

Begonias are a classic among the easy-care houseplants

begonia houseplant easy-care charming popular

Imaginatively colored leaves are characteristic of leaf begonias

begonia houseplant beautiful leaves interesting pattern

Begonias create a colorful ambience and a fresh atmosphere

begonia houseplant properly water fertilize repot

Leaf bellies are a noble home decoration

begonia houseplant many species varieties diverse selection

begonia houseplant many species of begonia varieties

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