Biotope in a glass: DIY instructions and trendy design tips

Biotope in a glass: DIY instructions and trendy design tips

Did you know that you can care for real plants at home without fertilizing and watering them a lot? The biotope in the glass offers the possibility of an easy-care garden at home. You can create this yourself pretty easily. The main difficulties are associated with choosing the right plants and materials for the soil. You also have a lot of freedom in the arrangement. There is the possibility for different combinations of plants and sizes of the biotope and for numerous decorative areas of application.

The completion of the biotope in the glass is actually pretty easy

Biotope in the glass - table design ideas

Suitable plants for a biotope in a glass

General requirements

The right plants for a biotope in a glass or a biotope garden have to be divided into three groups. The first category includes the subtropical plant species, the second – some native species, the third – the succulents. Here are some general criteria they should meet:

  • small growing,
  • slow growing,
  • shadow-loving,
  • less susceptible to pests,
  • robust, easy to care for.

Small and slow growing plants are suitable for biotops

Biotope in the glass - great decoration

Tips for the native plant species

Various wild or cultivated small berry bushes can be selected from among the native plants. Another good option is the ivy as well as the moss. Note the differences between the many different types and select those that meet the criteria above.

In principle, you should opt for shade-loving plants, but sometimes you can find a sunny spot for the biotope

Biotope in the glass - blacon design

Evaluate the conditions for biotopes in your home carefully!

You should make the shortlist of plants for biotops in the glass while considering the conditions in your home. The native plants must be placed in a drier place. Cooler basements or hallways, as well as closed balconies, patios and extensions are suitable. The effort is much less with the succulents and the tropical plants, as they can thrive in a warmed-up room even in winter.

The moss is mandatory for the soil in the biotope

Biotope in the glass - idea for the window

Materials for the biotope in the glass

As I said, the careful selection of plant species is the most difficult task. The completion of a biotope in a glass is technically quite simple. To do this, you absolutely need the following:

  • One or more sterilized jars of the desired size,
  • Materials for the soil: earth, sterilized pebbles, expanded clay, moss,
  • The plants you have chosen,
  • Activated charcoal (approx. 1 teaspoon per active glass),
  • Decoration / artificial plants (optional).

Biotops in the glass can become part of the festive decoration

Biotope in the glass fairy lights ideas

DIY instructions for a biotope in a glass – step by step

Make sure the glass and pebbles are well cleaned and sterilized. First, lay out a layer of expanded clay. Scatter earth on top and mix well with the expanded clay. The base laid out in this way must not be higher than 3-4 cm. The next step is to use the plants. After the precautionary pressure, put the moss on top. Arrange with pebbles. This gives the landscape a closed appearance and regulates moisture. Always make sure that no dirt gets into the glass. With 1 teaspoon of activated carbon per glass you can avoid the formation of mold and bacteria.

Extra tip: You can also use glasses with high necks for the instructions. In this case, however, you would need tweezers or long chopsticks so that you can insert the plants and pebbles.

Create your own little oasis thanks to the glass biotope


Biotope in a glass - great glass with stones

Regulation of humidity in the first few days

By using a sponge, you can regulate the formation of condensation in the first few days. If it does happen, you can open the glass a few times. If the soil looks too dry, you can water carefully. But all of this is usually only necessary at the beginning and then you only have to do it occasionally.

The shape of the glass also contributes to the decorative effect of the biotope

Biotope in the glass - wonderful ideas - minimalism

Where can you find the plants for a biotope?

The succulents and tropical plants can be obtained from a plant shop. You can of course also pick these in your own garden, park or forest. Think about nature! You only need cuttings and you don’t have to dig up the whole plant with roots. Let some of it grow in the natural environment.

Here we see a biotope garden with a very modern character

Glass ideas - very modern biotope in glass

Ideas for the different arrangements

With the biotope arrangements, you can let your imagination run wild as soon as you combine plants that develop well in similar conditions. The stones also have a decorative effect and they can also be complemented with additional jewelry. We also like to use artificial plants for original, personalized design ideas.

What do you think of a biotope Christmas ball? That is doable!

Glass between two windows Biotope in the glass

The biotops in the glass as interior decoration

With the biotopes in the glass you can decorate practically all places in the apartment, as soon as it suits your taste and if the temperature or the lighting conditions there are the right ones for the selected plant species. People like to set up small landscapes that are reminiscent of desert or rainforest. After all, you can use biotops in the glass as Christmas decorations, especially if they are combined with fairy lights or candles next door.

Succulents are particularly suitable for biotopes

Wooden table with decoration on it Biotope in the glass

Different rooms can be decorated with it

Ideas for the Biotop table in a glass

You can also create a “green light”!

Great biotope in a glass - great ideas

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