Build a holiday home? This works much easier than you think!

Build a holiday home? It works much easier than you think!

Would you like to build a holiday home? But you might think that would be a difficult dream to fulfill? Actually, such a project works much easier than most people assume. In some cases, you can even assemble a high-quality weekend house yourself thanks to prefabricated modules. There are just a few important bullet points to which special attention should be paid. Exactly these are the subject of this article! We would like to help you to make a successful choice for your dream vacation home.

Build a holiday home - great house design

How often and when will you be staying in the holiday home?

Before building a vacation home, think carefully about how often and in what seasons you will be using it? The large dimensions and the elaborate structure are only worthwhile if you spend time there regularly.

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The isolation

Good insulation in itself is a big investment. It makes sense especially if you are staying in the holiday home for the winter. Most of the time, the roof and the ground in particular have to be additionally compacted because this is where the greatest loss of heat occurs. In this case you have the choice between several different insulation materials. Most people choose wool sheets made of mineral or glass fabric.

Vacation home build modern facades

Sewerage, electricity and heating

If you are having the holiday home built, the company you hire should ideally have experience in connecting to the electricity and sewer networks. These should ideally be included in the project. Otherwise the project will become too expensive in retrospect. In terms of temperature comfort on colder days, electric heaters in combination with air heat pumps are standard for the holiday homes. They're pretty efficient and inexpensive at the same time.

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Arrange the priorities correctly!

When you build a vacation home, you can save in many places. In order to achieve a satisfactory result in the end, you should set your priorities correctly. For example, the quality of the foundation is of vital importance and no compromises should be made with it. The other crucial stability factor is the wall thickness. The strength of these two components must be consistent with the size of the house. It would be better to save on the size and make the floor and walls of an appropriate thickness. Everything in the house works accordingly well – walls and doors open easily, and the overall construction is stable and secure. The isolation will be just as easy to install.

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Would you like to motorize your weekend house yourself?

Skilled craftsmen are happy to decide to build their own weekend house. You could of course save a lot of costs if you prepare properly for the realization of this project. Ask the manufacturer what kind of tool you need exactly. Also, of course, it would be helpful if you had specific advice on how to do this before starting this DIY project.

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Build an individual holiday home

So you already know which are the most important aspects when buying or building a stable holiday home. Now what matters is that you customize this home perfectly to suit your own needs. After installation, the correct wood treatment follows, which can be carried out in a wide variety of colors. This allows you to visually make the house look more modern or traditional, both indoors and outdoors, depending on your taste. You can also achieve an individual design through the creative positioning of doors and windows. A wooden holiday home can be decorated in different ways, both indoors and outdoors. Take advantage of this opportunity, but always be practical. Because the wooden house should not only look beautiful, but above all you have to feel comfortable there and be able to relax perfectly!

We wish you every success with your holiday home project!

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