Build a pallet wooden shelf yourself: the most important steps and different models

Build a pallet wooden shelf yourself: the most important steps and different models

Do you need more creative and beautiful storage space at home? Would you like to do something for your wall design at the same time? Maybe you could build a wooden shelf yourself? It’s a relatively cheap project, and it’s pretty easy too. Ecological and versatile from a designer’s point of view, such projects are attracting more and more attention. Below you will find the most important steps for building a wall shelf yourself from a wooden pallet. You then have to adapt these instructions to the desired model. Our pictures will help you to choose a suitable design.

You can make the wooden pallets in a wide variety of colors

Colorful wooden shelf build pallets

You need these materials if you want to build a pallet rack yourself:

  • A pallet,
  • A hammer,
  • Nails,
  • Foxtail,
  • Tape measure,
  • Suitable sandpaper for wood,
  • Color or varnish in a desired shade,
  • Shaving brush.

The wooden pallet shelves can be transformed into elegant wall decorations

DIY wall design wooden shelf

You should also have the following on hand:

  • Chlorinated water,
  • Water bucket,
  • Rubber gloves,
  • Sponge.

For example, you can use pallets to build a practical shelf yourself for a tricky corner

Wooden shelf - DIY idea next to the window

Build a pallet wooden shelf yourself step by step

Cleaning and disinfecting

Start by cleaning the wooden pallet. Sometimes there are a lot of freestanding splinters or leftover nails. Remove them very carefully without injuring yourself. We would also like to recommend preventive disinfection. We have a very simple method for doing this. Dissolve half a teacup of chlorinated water in one liter of water. With the help of a sponge, spread this liquid over the whole pallet and let it dry off very well.

How do you find this creative and practical idea?

Wooden shelf - Holtregale - great ideas

Cut out the wooden shelf from the pallet

This step is the most exciting and the most difficult at the same time. Look in advance at different models of wooden shelves and determine the dimensions. If you can, you should draw the model on a piece of paper in advance. There are also various interesting role models to be found on the Internet.

Tip: Do you have little technical experience? It is best to get several wooden pallets and try cutting out several times. At the end of the day they are well practiced and have a perfect result.

You could also make a great shelf out of pallets yourself for the kitchen

Wooden shelf - rural interior

Adaptation to the interior design

If you build a wooden shelf yourself, you will certainly want to integrate it very well into your own interior design. There are practical and aesthetic aspects to this matter.

What and where do you need the wooden shelf?

The wooden shelf for indoor or outdoor use? Perhaps you would also like to use it to refine a damp area such as the balcony or bathroom? Would you like to integrate this into a smaller room? What is the design of the rest of the furnishings there? Do you prefer to move the shelf to a larger wall or a tricky corner? Each of these peculiarities have their own specifics.

The wooden pallet shelves can be integrated into almost any living style

Wooden shelf - super modern wall ideas

Wooden shelf for indoor or outdoor use

When talking about differences in the interior and exterior, the most important thing is the surface treatment. The right paintwork can protect your great work from the external weather conditions. In the interior, you can also choose very simple colors or paintwork.

Even the minimalist interior design could benefit from the pallets

Wooden shelf - great trendy plants

Larger wooden shelves

If you build a wooden shelf yourself, you can use it to functionally complement an area of ​​your room very well. A wide blank wall would be the perfect place for this. It is very important that you choose the right position. If you bring the shelf closer to the center of the wall, you ensure a clear design and order in the room. Slightly offset to the side, it could provide dynamism and modernity in the room. Sometimes the furniture in a room is primarily positioned in one area of ​​the room because of the layout or other practical considerations. A wall shelf on the opposite side can compensate for this in this case.

The pallet shelf ensures balance in a room with an unusual floor plan

Wooden shelf - great comfortable sofa

Smaller wooden shelves for tricky room zones

Smaller wooden pallet shelves could ideally complement the functionality of tricky spots in the interior. Imagine a work corner in a small alcove or some other tricky place. The shelves above the desk will highlight this area visually within the room plan. You will also use the wall space above it as effectively as possible. If you decide on an original design, the wall shelves could serve as great aesthetic accents.

This type of shelf design is rural and nostalgic

Wooden shelf - laundry room - trendy ideas

Adaptation to the rest of the room design

Of course, the easiest way to write such ideas is in rustic and industrial interiors. In the meantime, however, there are almost endless options for varnishes and colors with which the wood can be treated. So you could easily build a wooden pallet shelf yourself and integrate it into a very modern interior design. If you have a beautiful view of nature or a garden, such DIY design ideas from pallets could weld together impressions of the interior and exterior areas. After all, wooden pallet shelves are an original approach with which you can refresh your interior with natural touches.

A great interior design could also look like this

Wooden Shelf - White Wash Trends Wall Design

Wooden shelf - storage space for the toilet

Wooden shelf - unusual shelf ideas

Build a wooden shelf - modern storage space

Artists’ studios are particularly often decorated with pallets

Wooden shelf - picture wall and shelf design

Wooden shelf - floor design and white walls

Wooden shelf - rural interior

Wooden shelf - vegetable design

Here you can see how creative you could actually get with the artful design of shelves

Wooden shelf - glamorous design

Wooden shelf - beautiful wall ideas

Make a wooden shelf yourself - great ideas

Make a wooden shelf yourself - great trendy design ideas

Wooden pallet racks are ideal for this industrial rural area

Make wooden shelf yourself - wall ideas storage space

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Wooden shelf - make a great wall shelf yourself

Wooden shelf Trendy bookshelves

Can you imagine that you can make something so stylish out of pallets?

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How to refine your bathroom with a pallet shelf

Wooden shelf bathroom furnishings - DIY

Make wooden shelf yourself - minimalism Scandinavian style

Ideas next to the bed wooden shelf

Make a little idea for the wall wooden shelf yourself

Romantic, discreet, stylish – this is how a wooden shelf made of pallets can also be

Small pallets - wooden shelves

Make small and chic wooden shelf yourself

Rural ideas - DIY wooden shelf build

Minimalist design build wooden shelf

Artful ideas can also be tinkered with from some parts of the pallets

Make modern picture frame wooden shelf yourself

Modern ideas from wood and metal Wooden shelf made from pallets

Pallet wooden shelf - rustic flair

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Do you need great wall decoration ideas for the study?

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There is actually no room in which you cannot integrate the pallets

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