Button mosaic in the kitchen and bathroom furnishings

Button mosaic in the kitchen and bathroom furnishings

In the article, our editorial team would like to present a wall and floor design that, according to statistics, is one of the most popular design elements for many families in 2018. Button mosaic always offers an interesting and unique look. It has a wide range of uses, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, which is why we want to deal with the latest designs today.

A surface with many advantages and a perfect look!

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Can button mosaics also be used in kitchen furnishings?

The areas of application of the mosaic tiles are considered versatile and for this reason we would like to start with the kitchen. The button mosaic provides an inviting look from afar. Our first idea caused a lot of discussions worldwide – a multicolored button mosaic. The kitchen rear wall is ideal for a button mosaic. The easy-care surface made of “buttons” is preferred by many families as a splash guard. The kitchen rear wall is considered a perfect alternative to the conventional variants that we know very well – aluminum and acrylic glass. Creating a motif using a color combination of button mosaic can also be a great idea. Let your imagination and creativity run free!

Since the blue color is intended for wellness areas, many homeowners are skeptical of the idea. But the end result is a design that brings a lot of style and character with it. In the first place, two to three light blue shades of mosaic tiles are selected. Since the kitchen top is the most important element of the kitchen, you should optimally match the color of the kitchen back wall made of button mosaic to that of the worktop. Design lovers will find the white kitchen top and the light blue button mosaic to be a good solution for their future kitchen design.

Alternative to the blue color palette are the colors white, gray and black. The reason for this is that many kitchen appliances are made in exactly these colors and the gray or white mosaic tiles go best with them. Another advantage of the gray button mosaic is the easy-care surface.

Gray colors look luxurious in the kitchen

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Button mosaic in the bathroom

Mosaic tiles with round shapes are also suitable for wall and floor design in the bathroom. Each line is perfectly shaped thanks to the high quality manufacturing. According to statistics, more and more people are opting for the floor and wall design with button mosaic in the bathroom.

With the perfectly formed joints of the button mosaic, you still have many design options open to you. There are two variants when it comes to designing joints – white and black. The first option counts as the most popular solution, because the white color ensures that the individual “buttons” are well shaped. Without the white joints, the look won’t attract curious glances from afar, but the design still remains so attractive.

The uniform color combination of joints and buttons is very often designed in black. You need an optimal lighting design that can highlight the black surface of the mosaic tiles!

If you still haven’t found a suitable idea, then don’t worry, because our editorial team would like to present you with a current picture gallery. Let yourself be inspired by the latest designs for your kitchen and bathroom furnishings!

A sea feeling in the bathroom!

Button mosaic for bathroom furnishings

Organize the spa area quickly and easily!


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The classic in the bathroom: white and black!

tiles in black ideas



The white shapes provide an attractive appearance

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen interior


Choose creative shapes for the bathroom

Ideas for button mosaic in the bathroom

Small areas with button mosaic? Yes, please !


small parts with button mosaic


Create a luxurious color combination in the bathroom


Color combination with button mosaic

A new and attractive idea for every kitchen design


Mosaic tiles in the kitchen interior


White lines are perfectly formed

Wellness area with mosaic


Floor and wall design with button mosaic in the bathroom

Ideas for button mosaic in the bathroom

The look of the mosaic tiles attracts a lot of curious looks


Ideas and tips in the bathroom

Would you like an attractive kitchen design?


Mosaic tiles in the kitchen interior


Button mosaic in light blue has a relaxing effect in the bathroom

Bathroom furnishings as a spa area

Blue takes care of the design of the wellness area in the bathroom


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Choose cool color combinations of mosaic tiles

Ideas for button mosaic in the bathroom


Black in the bathroom with a 3D effect!

button mosaic in black

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