Buying a sofa: color and other important aspects

Buying a sofa: color and other important aspects

Buying a sofa: color and other important aspects

Should I buy a dark or a light sofa? This is a question often asked by residents who are busy decorating their living rooms. The dark sofa is more classic and practical, the light one brings a fresh look to the room. What is easier to care for depends on the upholstery. But, of course, looks are just one of the many questions you should ask yourself before buying a sofa. Let’s start now!

The care

The type and color of the upholstery is also of crucial importance for maintenance. As a rule, the darker variants are the safer choice. These are often preferred by families with children and pets, for example. In such cases, there is almost always dirt and hair lying around. On the other hand, you shouldn’t necessarily immediately discard the option with the right upholstery. It is vital that these can be taken away and washed.

The upholstery of the sofa plays a major role in its care

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Custom made models in two colors

If you order the elaboration of a sofa, you of course also have several options. For example, you can choose a model in two colors. In this case, the seat cushions and the inside of the back and armrests may be made of dark fabric. The sofa is then upholstered lightly from the outside. So you have the advantages of light and dark upholstery in one.

Choose a suitable color scheme for the living room

custom-made versions in two colors

Patterned sofa

If you are into bold solutions, then you can go for a patterned sofa. Especially with the colored models, stains and dust will hardly be noticeable.

Pay attention when choosing the patterned sofa

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Start the living room decor with the sofa

The sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture in a living room. This certainly applies to the seating furniture. It is therefore very important that you always start furnishing furniture in this room with the sofa. Arrange the rest around it, create a kind of background and add accents – throw pillows and stools.

The accent of this article is in the choice of color. In the end, however, we want to draw your attention to the other aspects of the selection: A sofa must feel comfortable especially for you and your family. You sit on it for many hours and therefore your back muscles must not be strained. Whether the sofa should be super soft or a little firm is a personal choice that you should think twice about.

The sofa should also match the overall design of the living room

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Furthermore, the appropriate dimensions with regard to the space are important. The sofa must not be too big, so that little walking surface remains in the room. On the other hand, as an accent piece, it must also take up enough space.

Also think carefully about functionality. Should the sofa be foldable, does it need storage space or do you need both functions?

Leave enough walking surface in the room

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In all cases, choosing a sofa is of long-term importance. Think carefully about all aspects so that you can avoid the lack of comfort and have a really nice home.

We wish you that!

Above all, the sofa should have enough functionality

the type and color of the sofa is crucial

The color palette and design are especially important

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They can also have multiple colors

colored example of a patterned sofa

Designer sofas are particularly current at the moment

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Custom-made designs are very popular!

custom-made variants of sofa

The dark sofa is more practical and, above all, more classic

buy the right upholstery for the sofa

Find a patterned sofa to suit your taste

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The bright sofa brings a fresh look to the room

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