Calla houseplant – difficult to care for, but so beautiful to look at

Calla houseplant – difficult to care for, but so beautiful to look at

Callas set attractive colored accents in the garden. They are also displayed in a bouquet of flowers. But they also come into their own in the room. Flower lovers appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the calla. As a houseplant, however, it is particularly difficult to grow and not everyone can do it. In the following we will give you a few tips and tricks that will certainly help you with the care of the Calla houseplant!

Calla houseplant – simple elegance and delicate colors

calla houseplant easily recognizable delicate white flowers

The calla houseplant – not easy to care for, but so beautiful!

The room calla is a South African marsh plant. It has the botanical name Zantedeschia. It is often confused with the single sheet. Unfortunately the calla is in all parts toxic! This should be taken seriously, especially when children or pets are around. Callas have arrow-shaped broad leaves, tall upright stems, and beautiful decorative flowers known as bracts. The extraordinary bracts enclose the flower heads. Typically, room callas have white flowers. However, other colors of the flowers can also be observed in the individual varieties. You can also see bracts in purple, yellow, red and orange. The room calla is still called dragon and serpentine.

Indoor callas need lots of light and warm locations. But it absolutely needs protection from direct sunlight. So you can put the calla in a bucket on the terrace when summer comes. In this case, however, you also need to protect them from strong winds. Place the calla by the window, carefully watch for spider mites and aphids to threaten the plant. Good ventilation of the room is another condition for the room calla to thrive properly.

During the vegetation period, the white varieties must not be below 16 degrees Celsius and the colored ones not below 18 degrees Celsius.

Anyone who wants to cultivate the room calla needs a bit of tact

calla houseplant beautiful flowers delicate beauty

The calla houseplant needs a rest

The calla as a houseplant has a distinctive feature: it has its natural rhythm. A change between the growing season and the resting phase is characteristic of this houseplant.

The secret in the care of the room calla lies in the correct watering and fertilization. Never forget to water the plant during flowering. Then the calla can even stand in the water. Otherwise this houseplant is usually sprayed with water once a week. You need to fertilize callas regularly so that they get enough nutrients. In the growth phase, you need to do this every two weeks.

Since room callas are very sensitive to germs and bacteria in the potting soil, you must repot the calla in fresh potting soil every spring. In the event of putrefaction and infestation by fungi or bacteria, you must remove the infested areas immediately. Do the same with the earth and exchange it.

The calla blooms from three to eight weeks. Among the well-known Calla varieties is the Zantedeschia aethiopica most cultivated as a cinnamon plant. Their flowering period lasts from January to April. The resting phase begins in May.

After the flowering period comes the break. Then let the soil dry out and place the plant in a cooler place. In the meantime, the Zimmercalla is gathering new strength for the next bloom in September. This break must last at least ten weeks. From January onwards, the indoor calla longs for warmer temperatures and enough moisture again.

For the indoor calla to thrive properly, humidity and dryness alternate

calla houseplant fascinating houseplant difficult to maintain

Winter room calla

How do callas hibernate? Before winter comes, you need to remove the soil from the calla bulbs and store them in a cool, dry place. When spring comes, put the bulbs back in potting soil, preferably in a warm spot.

If you carefully follow the rules for caring for the indoor calla, you will enjoy this special houseplant for a long time. The effort is worth it, because the decorative value of the calla is really high!

The name of this houseplant means “beautiful”

calla houseplant yellow flowers fresh apartment decoration

Calla as a houseplant is a real eye-catcher

calla houseplant calla varieties of different flowers

Callas also have brightly colored bracts

calla houseplant colorful flowers attractive room decoration

Demanding plant, but it has a high decorative value

calla houseplant special flowers high stems

The yellow flowers of the room calla are a fresh home decoration

calla houseplant beautiful but not easy to care for

Calls offer different color nuances for every taste

calla houseplant natural rhythm

calla houseplant meaning name beautiful

calla houseplant beautiful leaves fascinating flowers

calla houseplant delicate pink bracts

calla houseplant proper care tips

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