Carpet trends 2020 – 20 carpet ideas for nicer living

Carpet trends 2020 – 20 carpet ideas for nicer living

Do you know this or not, you can be pampered by the very latest carpets. Especially when you notice its innovative look and feel its cosiness. With the coming colder months, there will be more and more demand for carpets. With this article we would like to present you the carpet trends in 2020. You will find helpful information on types of carpets to furnish your home with in style, as well as tips on what to consider when choosing a carpet.

Choosing the right carpet for your home is not a difficult task

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Carpet: general

When it comes to furnishing, it often happens that when we need something new, we buy something that is similar to the old one. Error! Innovative technologies are there to improve our lives. This also applies to the carpets that delight our senses every year at trade fairs in different cities. Brand new carpets and carpets are being designed more and more unusual, making them more practical and easier to care for. That is why many customers have given up on universal carpets that can occasionally be laid anywhere. If you want to enhance the ambience at home, you could also opt for a trendy carpet. It will certainly have a positive effect on your quality of life. And if you already know what has been said above, we would like to continue here and offer you further interesting information.

Patchwork carpets can have a great visual effect in a room

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Carpet trends: we’re talking about colors and materials …

While the hygge style has tamed our desire for color a bit in recent years, color made its comeback in 2020. The preference for the brightly colored palette does not lead to extremes, but to an even and tasteful use of pastels and natural colors. But if you’re a fan of the stark colors, that’s an advantage too! You just have to stick to the rule – there should only be a color accent in the room! For example the carpet or another furnishing element (sofa, bed or other piece of furniture), which is harmoniously inscribed in the ambience.

In principle, there are two main types of carpets – machine-made and hand-woven carpets. Handmade carpets are harder to choose and expensive to pay for. On the other hand, brand new carpets can offer us almost anything. Natural fibers of plant and animal origin or artificial materials are used in their production. There are carpets made of polyester or viscose, but also made of wool, cotton, sisal, silk and so on. For long-term use, you can invest a few euros more in carpets made from natural materials.

Checkered carpeting for the living room – practical and elegant

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How are the carpet trends integrated into the interior?

Various patterns are available on the market this year. Often it is played with color combinations in geometric or abstract shapes and unusual graphics in such a way that an avant-garde arises in the latest models of carpets. The ethno-wave is not over – a Persian or Nepalese carpet might beautifully cover the cold tiles in the hallway. The maritime style of your living room needs a decent carpet in blue and white. For the dining room you could choose a subtle and easy-care carpet. If the kids are romping around too much, don’t forget the claws. Or combine stylishly by laying carpets in the same patterns on the stairs and in the hallway! We also want to say something about special hand-woven carpets: very often they have unique patterns that can be combined with other decorative elements such as pillows. Pay attention to the style of your home to choose the best carpet possible!

A Persian rug in the hallway looks stylish and may always be modern

carpet trends persian

And in the end it’s your turn!

Before buying, answer a few questions (at least for yourself!): Which room (s) do I want to furnish? Do I want to cover the whole area? What is the main purpose of buying the carpet? Which material did I choose? Do I want a design variant or do I stick to the classic?

Do not forget to take a look at our picture gallery, afterwards we wish you peace of mind, a rational solution and a lot of fun using the latest quality carpets!

Maritime style can be furnished with a carpet on squares in the appropriate colors

floor trends maritime style

Not only colors, but also materials appear monochrome here

floor trends beautiful

Stairs and wall in abstract shapes

floor trends stairs

If the stairs need a practical covering, there are materials that are durable and easy to care for

nice carpet trends

Or choose a flooring with an animal print to make the room particularly eye-catching

carpets beautiful living

Shaggy, long-pile and shabby chic carpets are sometimes so comfortable underfoot

carpet trend fur

Sometimes you shouldn’t be so demanding in the dining room, where it gets dirty more easily

carpet trends dining room

The ethnic touch in the room is also present on the carpet

carpet trends ethno

The avant-garde can clearly be seen in the carpet in this brand-new dining room

carpet trends graphic idea

Handmade is both simple and remarkable, but in all cases cozy

carpet trends handmade

A fashionable idea for those who think boldly about interiors

carpet trends interesting graphics

Classic interior with a Persian carpet in the living room

carpet trends classic

The universal variant for the followers of minimalism

carpet trends minimalism

Perfect look in this bedroom

carpet trends modern

Pastel nuances conquer the carpet trends 2020

carpet trends trend color accent

Lay carpets with the same patterns and stick to aesthetics

carpet trends single color stairs

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