Chestnut decoration – what to tinker with these autumn fruits?

The first chestnut found brings luck! Put this in your pocket! Have you ever heard that? It wouldn't be difficult because the streets and parking lots are currently teeming with these autumn fruits. Take a walk in autumn and have a look around: chestnuts are everywhere! The chestnut trees actually make a great shade on hot days in summer, but you don't really notice them. Only when it comes autumn do they catch your eye. Because then leaves and chestnut seeds fall to the ground. So if you like to eat chestnuts, you could collect a lot of these autumn nuts and cook them at home. Collect these with caution, because there are basically two varieties that are very different from each other. You can actually eat the sweet chestnuts, but you can only play and do handicrafts with the horse chestnuts. With this you can make wonderful chestnut decorations. We'll show you how.

Would you like to cook chestnuts or do you prefer to make unusual chestnut decorations yourself?

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In September and October, a large amount of natural materials for do-it-yourself tinkering falls on the ground

When autumn comes, most of the chestnuts fall to the ground. Some of them are eaten by wild animals. However, a large amount remains on the floor. Children and parents see them during their walks in autumn and collect them to create a wide variety of works of art. In most cases it is the horse chestnut, which is only used for decorating and handicrafts.

Chestnuts are especially healthy, while horse chestnuts are poisonous to humans and are only suitable for handicrafts

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Chestnut decoration – what can you do with chestnuts?

The next few lines are about what chestnuts can be used for. Namely for handicrafts and decorating. Handicrafts in general is an extensive topic, especially in autumn handicrafts are great fun for young and old. Have you sorted a lot of chestnuts at home after your last walk? And has your child prepared for great DIY projects with a booty full of chestnuts? Then maybe you could tinker something together! There are craft ideas that can be put into practice in no time at all. But if you are a passionate craft enthusiast, then why not take more time to create something great! It pays to make autumn decorations for your home yourself. They bring a fresh autumn mood into the apartment and give it its own charm. Well what does it have to be? A sweet chestnut figurine or a wonderful autumn wreath for the front door?

Craft ideas with chestnuts for young and old

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Provide stylish autumn decorations with chestnuts on the table

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It is said that chestnuts bring positive energy. You can therefore decorate the room simply and stylishly with chestnuts without much effort. Spread a few chestnuts here and there and you will bring autumn into the house. You could also paint these wonderful autumn seeds so that they resemble beautiful decorative stones. This is very easy with the help of a white pen or permanent marker. Then embellish shelves and dressers with these unique works of art. Encourage your children to join in too, because drawing on chestnuts is a lot of fun for children!

Decorate the chestnuts however you like

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Chestnuts can also be arranged in a glass vessel and then placed on the living room table or on a shelf. Or arrange these on a tray and add other natural materials and candles so they make a beautiful picture together.

Make stylish decorations with chestnuts yourself

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The upcoming Halloween is also a great opportunity to use chestnuts for terrifying DIY projects. These fancy autumn nuts easily transform into creepy decorations like spiders and spider webs. Unless you use your imagination.

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Have you already drawn some inspiration on how to embellish the living room or the house entrance with chestnut decorations? We wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

Sweet chestnuts promote mental and physical health

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