Choose linen bed linen and afford a high level of sleeping comfort

Choose linen bed linen and afford a high level of sleeping comfort

High-quality bed linen creates a healthy and inviting sleeping environment. Can bed linen provide good sleeping comfort at any time of the year? Cozy bed linen for the cold winter nights and bed linen that keeps it cool in summer: isn’t that the perfect combination? Fortunately, there is one fabric that makes both possible, and that is linen. So the following is about linen sheets and how to choose a good bedding.

Linen bedding is considered a luxury bedding

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Generally about linen

Linen is the fabric made from the common flax, also called flax. This has been well known for centuries thanks to its great properties. Linen is used in the manufacture of high quality clothing, handkerchiefs and bed linen.

Linen is much more beneficial than other fabrics. It is simple, close to nature and sustainable. It takes less water and pesticides to grow than cotton. All parts of the common flax can be used, ie there are no harmful products as a result of the processing and manufacturing processes. It is biodegradable and after long use it will gently break down without leaving any waste.

Linen lasts longer than cotton

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Why is linen a preferred fabric for bedding?

You spend so many hours sleeping that bedroom comfort is a must. It is not just furniture design that plays a major role in ensuring a good night’s sleep. The fabrics that are used to design this private space also have an impact on our wellbeing. Those who rely on a healthy sleep also attach great importance to quality bed linen. And linen turns out to be one of the best options, if not the best!

Linen is not just a beautiful fabric, it has several advantages. It is easy to clean and particularly durable. It repels bacteria and is also very skin-friendly. And last but not least, linen has the property of absorbing moisture and releasing it back into the environment. That said, it’s very breathable. This is because linen is made from natural plant fibers. This is how you feel warm in a linen bed linen in winter and cool in summer. So the price of this high quality bed linen is undoubtedly paying off.

Linen bedding enables the best sleeping experience

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What else do you have to know about linen sheets?

The bed linen must meet various requirements. For example, are a cooling effect and moisture regulation leading criteria for you when choosing bed linen? Then a linen duvet cover is perfect for summer when you’re looking for more coolness. Duvet covers, sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases made of linen do not simply create a beautiful look in the sleeping area, but improve sleep to a great extent.

You can find a wide variety of linen bedding. There are different variations for the size and design of this luxurious bed linen. So everyone can find what they are looking for and equip their dream bedroom. White, colored or patterned, your own taste plays a role here. Spice up the sleeping area with matching accessories and a few decorative pillowcases.

There are several types of linen bedding. A basic distinction is made between pure linen bed linen and half-linen bed linen. The difference is that half linen consists of linen and some cotton. That makes them softer, so to speak. Another option for bedding is a combination of linen and hemp. And if you choose organic linen, you are not only acting in favor of your own comfort, but also environmentally friendly.

When buying linen bedding, you should make another choice: Would you like a “stonewashed” bedding or do you like the washed linen bedding better? The flax yarn is usually hard, which is why the textiles made of untreated linen are characterized by the fact that they are coarse and rough. Well, after every wash, the linen becomes softer and more comfortable. However, some manufacturers prefer to additionally treat the linen chemically, which makes the bed linen softer. There is also a nice wrinkle effect.

Linen has breathable properties

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Conclusion: The linen bed linen is becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons for this: from aesthetic to health. In short: the linen fabric is best for a good night’s sleep and creates a cozy and inviting ambience!

Linen bedding offers relaxation and comfort

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