Choose porcelain stoneware tiles and granite tiles as wall cladding and flooring

Choose porcelain stoneware tiles and granite tiles as wall cladding and flooring

A little more about porcelain stoneware tiles and granite tiles

Tiles make the modern interior design functional and beautiful. Tiles are used to cover walls, floors, bathtubs, steps and even window sills. Quality plays a decisive role here. In this jumble of materials, however, one is clearly spoiled for choice. What should it be: natural stone, fine stone, porcelain or maybe granite? Porcelain stoneware tiles, still known as ceramic tiles, and granite tiles are great options for your wall and floor design. We want to draw your attention to this today. Are you currently renovating your apartment or do you want to design a new home? Perhaps you are not yet sure which material you want to bet on exactly? Today’s post will give you answers to many questions regarding the use of porcelain stoneware and granite slabs. And who knows, maybe you choose porcelain stoneware for your bathroom flooring or granite for your terrace design or your kitchen countertop ?!

Choosing porcelain stoneware tiles for the bathroom flooring

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Porcelain stoneware tiles – design the kitchen with noble floor tiles

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Choosing the right flooring is not always a question of your own preferences. The floor covering wears off quickly on surfaces that are used intensively. Then an unpleasant appearance arises, and you also have to spend additional money on redesigning. Sustainable interior solutions are the main goal for every house owner. If you want to enjoy the newly laid flooring for a long time, then consider long-term solutions. Regular maintenance naturally plays a key role in this. The market is flooded by various companies that offer high quality and multifaceted variety of tiles made of different materials. You have to spend a certain amount of time on the Internet to make a sensible decision after doing thorough research. As we pointed out at the beginning of our article, today we’re talking about natural stone and granite tiles. During our research on the topic, we noticed the AG Natursteinwerke because of their high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles. The Europe-wide delivery and installation are further advantages of the company, which can be assessed as very positive.

Choosing the right flooring for the living room

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Porcelain stoneware is a trendy alternative to natural stone. Porcelain stoneware is a fascinating material because of its positive properties. It is most valued for its low water absorption. As you can deduce yourself from this, this finds a suitable application in kitchens and bathrooms. However, it depends on the surface of the porcelain stoneware tiles.

Create a modern and appealing ambience by laying natural stoneware

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Porcelain stoneware can be glazed or polished. Whether the porcelain stoneware is glazed or not plays an important role for its properties and, therefore, for its use in the interior. If it is unglazed, it is characterized by its high resistance. And if it is break-proof, it is preferred as a floor covering. Because it is badly worn out, the corridor floor is often covered with porcelain stoneware tiles. In contrast to the limited look of the unglazed porcelain stoneware, glazed tiles and slabs fascinate with their beautiful look. This is why these are often used with a decorative goal in interior design. The material is processed and so stylish Porcelain stoneware tileswhose surface can imitate wood, stones and even fabrics. Glazed porcelain stoneware shows better properties compared to unglazed ones.

Porcelain stoneware flooring in the dining area

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Granite has a good application in the kitchen. Table tops and worktops clad with granite are not only a practical solution, they also look chic on the whole ambience. Granite has good technical properties, which makes it a popular material. Robust floor tiles are made from granite, which makes it a suitable floor covering for the terrace. Non-slip granite tiles are the perfect solution for outdoors where weather conditions are sometimes unpredictable and surprising. The choice of colors and textures is limitless with granite. So you can create a nice area where granite looks stylish and comes out nicely.

Granite is suitable as a material for the modern kitchen

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Granite tiles with a beautiful pattern take the kitchen to a higher level

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Ceramic tiles are a good investment. They are also considered a stylish solution from an aesthetic point of view. Granite tiles also give the interior a chic look. However, one condition should be met: regular maintenance cleaning guarantees the tiles a longer life.

Clean tiles regularly

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