Choosing the right parasol for your balcony or garden

Choosing the right parasol for your balcony or garden

The astronomical beginning of spring is already here and the warm rays of the sun are caressing our skin more and more often. In fact, the spring sun feels good, but when it starts to shine stronger then you need safe sun protection. Don’t wait until the last moment to choose a functional parasol for your outdoor area. It is time to get your garden furniture out of the basement and create a cozy corner to relax in the open air. Maybe you need some new outdoor furniture and accessories. You must also consider a high-quality parasol if you want to create a comfortable garden or balcony corner. What you should look out for when buying a parasol is explained below. Read on and find the best sun protection for your outdoor area …

The parasol is a popular outdoor accessory in summer

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Parasols are an important part of outdoor equipment and are among the most sought-after accessories in summer, which complete and spice up the look of your balcony or garden. They come in many different sizes, styles, weights, shapes, and colors. Be well informed so that you can make the right decision when buying a new parasol.

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1. How big should your parasol be?

The size of your umbrella depends on several factors. For example, you need to estimate as precisely as possible how much shade you need outside. Would the existing budget be enough? How much space do you have available? All of these questions need to be considered before buying a parasol.

The size of a parasol is determined by its diameter. When choosing the right umbrella size, the exact size of the area is taken into account. So measure the diameter of the outside area that you would like to shade, for example the table together with the chairs.

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The basic rule when calculating the diameter is: the parasol should always be about one and a half meters larger than the intended area that is to be shaded. For example, if you have a round table with a diameter of 1.5 meters, you need an umbrella with a diameter of about 3 meters.

Parasol balcony garden parasols cantilever umbrella

2. What kind of umbrella stand do you need?

The umbrella stand is one of the most important factors when buying a parasol. If this is not heavy enough, the umbrella will flutter in the wind and even fly away. There are stands made of different materials such as concrete, granite or tiles. It is important to note that Solero apple umbrellas need a heavier base than central mast umbrellas.

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A central mast umbrella and a cantilever umbrella? What exactly do these terms mean?

  • Central mast umbrella

The main feature of mid-mast umbrellas is their mast, which extends from the top of the canopy to the umbrella stand. It can be a single, massive mast or it can consist of two separate parts that are connected to each other. This type of parasol can provide effective protection against direct sunlight. However, the reflected or diffuse UV radiation exposure from the sides could reduce the overall shade protection.

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  • Cantilever umbrella

A cantilever umbrella has a curved or articulated mast that is offset to the side. The canopy is supported on the sides and on top, so it can hang freely over various seating and table configurations. The main advantage of modern traffic light umbrellas is that they can shade a large area. This is especially important when shading a dining table that doesn’t have an umbrella hole or a garden pool. Many traffic light umbrellas can also rotate to achieve 360 ​​° coverage, which makes them even more versatile.

Parasol garden parasols cantilever umbrella

3. Height and diameter of the umbrella mast

The umbrella mast is of great importance for the stability of the umbrella. In order to achieve maximum umbrella stability, the mast and stand should fit together perfectly.

The height of the parasol is another important factor. You want enough space so that taller people don’t have to bend down when they are under the umbrella. Nevertheless, it cannot be infinitely high. In general, a parasol is at least two meters high. You can also look for parasols with tilting and extension functions to regulate the shade.

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4. Fabrics and materials

As for the fabrics and materials that make up your parasol, you need to make sure that they can withstand the local weather conditions. If you live in a windy area, you might want to consider fiberglass umbrellas that are flexible and easy to bend. Likewise, aluminum is very durable and still a viable option.

When it comes to fabric, you should look for some key terms that characterize a high quality outdoor shade. All-weather, waterproof and UV-resistant fabrics and breathable designs that prevent mold and mildew are highly recommended.

Parasol balcony garden parasols central mast umbrella

Parasols used to be viewed simply as a useful outdoor accessory. Now they can turn into a special focal point in your outdoor area. Take enough time to choose a suitable parasol for your balcony or garden. The right parasol could actually transform your outdoor space completely.

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