Classic tiles for kitchen and bathroom: Metro tiles

The Metro tiles are enjoying growing popularity again this year and are causing great interest. Interesting is the fact that these tiles have become a trend years ago. Nowadays, there are even more exclusive designs in cool colors that give the room a stylish look. The Metro tiles are mainly intended for two applications: kitchen and bathroom. But what are the benefits of these tiles, see the following paragraphs. The following ideas will help you in your search for the best Metro tiles! Enjoy the unique designs that are still trendy!

Metro tiles give the room a particularly classic look

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The best choice for a renovation: Metro tiles

The designers determined these types of tiles as "underground tiles". The reason is that these tiles were made exclusively for the Paris Metro in the 19th century. At that time the elements had an original size of approx. 8 x 15 cm. Nowadays, in addition to the original size, many additional formats are available, which are adapted to individual customer requirements. The Metro tiles are considered a perfect complement to the neutral style of the kitchen and the bathroom. More and more frequently the Metro tiles are destined as classics and retro elements, which could give the space more structure.

Design your bathroom with the so-called subway tiles and enjoy the retro look

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If you have already planned a renovation of the kitchen or bathroom and prefer white tiles, the Metro forms are perfect for it. The rectangular and exact shape gives the room an inviting feel. The glossy white surface of the Metro tiles ensures an improved lighting design in the room. White tiles can be combined with many elements made of wood. This advantage is particularly important, because the wood ornaments can be seen more and more in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Yes, the white subway tiles are among the most popular options for the kitchen back wall. They offer a shiny surface

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How important is the color of the joints?

Because the Metro tiles form a uniform design, the joints are of great importance. They determine the so-called color balance and can be combined with other elements. The white Metro tiles are almost always designed with gray or black joints. This creates an aesthetic shape and the Metro design is presented perfectly. A good example of this would be the wall design of the kitchen with metro tiles in gray. These are of course designed with white joints, creating a modern balance. Do not underestimate the color of the joints, because these elements play a big role in shaping the design!

Choose an elegant color for the joints, creating a visual balance in the room

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The rectangular shape and the reduced edges are used repeatedly in industrial wall design. That's why the Metro tiles are perfect for that.

White metro tiles with gray joints are among the bestsellers of 2018

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Metro tiles serve as an elegant addition to the entire bathroom design

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Did you know that the shiny surface of the tiles can optimally reflect the light? How to improve the lighting design of the kitchen

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