Colorful Easter decorations for the entrance area

Finally he is here! We’re talking about the most beautiful season of the year – spring! Everything around us blossoms and lets us quickly forget the cold and dreary winter. The birds have also awakened and wake us up in the morning with their lovely singing. It’s high time to pull out our spring and Easter decorations! Cute Easter bunnies, colorful Easter eggs and of course lots of flowers now adorn our home and get in the mood for the upcoming Easter. Finally light and color again! Nice to have you here, spring!

Easter decoration for the entrance area

Easter decorations in spring-like colors

After a long, cold winter, we all long for fresh, cheerful colors. Because they awaken the spirits in us! With a colorful Easter decoration we get in the mood for spring and the gentle awakening of nature. Even in the entrance area, rabbits and co. Greet the guests and give an idea that spring with all its beauty has arrived in this house.

Easter decorations in fresh spring colorsBranches and flowers for a natural Easter decoration.Spring decoration with artificial plants.Spring decoration with butterflies and birds.

Refreshing Easter decoration with flowers and branches

The joy is great when you discover the first flowers in the garden or in the forest in spring! Muscari, crocuses, snowdrops and primroses are among the first early bloomers of the year. With their bright flowers they conjure up happy splashes of color and bring nature to life. Spring flowers and twigs should of course not be missing from an Easter decoration! Tip: Outside, it is often too cold for the delicate plants in early spring, so that artificial plants can be used as an alternative. The artificial plants look particularly natural when combined with fresh plants or twigs. For example, I made my still bare almond tree blossom with the help of artificial cherry branches. A small flock of birds and colorful butterflies have also settled on the Easter tree. With the help of a clip, these decorative birds and butterflies can be easily attached to the branches.

Easter decoration with nostalgic charm: decoration bell with Easter bunny.Decorative bell with spring flowers.

Romantic Easter decorations – under the hood

The Lampe family sits well protected under the protection of this enchanting bell made of rabbit wire. The attention to detail makes this decorative bell a real eye-catcher for every Easter decoration. Because with its nostalgic charm it gives the Easter decoration a romantic flair. And the great thing about this decorative object – the bell can be redesigned again and again. Depending on the occasion and time of year, you get a timelessly beautiful decoration for both outdoors and indoors.

Easter decoration with porcelain bunnies and flowers.Decorative bell with Easter bunny.Easter bunny with wreath of flowers.Easter bunny edge stool

Playful Easter decorations – Easter bunnies and co

What shouldn’t be missing from an Easter decoration? Of course, the cute little rabbits with their long ears and soft puffy tails! What would Easter be without her – unthinkable! I find these edge stools particularly original. Whether on the window ledge, on the bookshelf or on the mantelpiece – equipped with great attention to detail, these Easter bunnies are guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention!

Easter decoration with Easter eggs

Classic Easter decorations – Easter eggs in a wide variety of creations

What actually came first? The egg or the chicken? Scientists have puzzled over this question for a long time and came to the conclusion that the egg came first. Whether this is right or wrong – we are definitely delighted with the richly decorated and colorful Easter eggs. Because the egg is a symbol of awakening and life and should therefore not be missing from a classic Easter decoration. Those who love something special will be delighted with these richly decorated pine eggs. Because every Easter egg is unique and therefore a small work of art.

Spring wreath made of moss and dried flowers.

Decoration tip – Easter wreath made of moss

Natural materials such as moss are ideal for a natural Easter decoration. You can turn this moss wreath from DEPOT into an Easter wreath in just a few simple steps. All you need is a chicken egg and a few quail eggs and dried flowers. After you have attached the eggs and flowers to the wreath with hot glue, decorate the egg with a small bouquet of dried flowers. A natural Easter decoration for the wall or door is ready!

Now I wish you a lot of fun and success with your Easter decoration!

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