Cosiness in the bedroom – bring the starry sky into the bedroom with candles & fairy lights

I.To be honest, I have to admit that I’ve neglected my bedroom a bit since moving to the top floor apartment. Comfort in the bedroom is so important! We not only spend many hours sleeping here, but many drink their first coffee in bed, read or watch TV. The latter doesn’t come in the bag with me.

Cosiness in the bedroom with fairy lights, candles and pillows
Spend Sunday in bed with a good book and candlelight


In my opinion, a television does not belong in the bedroom because it is a place where you should relax. However, fairy lights, lanterns and candles can create a cozy atmosphere. The more the better! A good book reads much better in a cozy atmosphere and a warm cup of tea. Natural elements like a Wooden tray or one made of rattan bring warmth into the bedroom. Not only can you serve a cup of coffee or tea on it, but you can also use it as a decorative element. See photo above. While walking in the woods, I discovered a broken branch that now adorns the wall behind the bed. That is particularly good at that Ginkgo fairy lights come into play. With its delicate gold-colored leaves, it winds elegantly along the wood. Paper stars or Lanterns take up the theme of the “starry sky” and perfectly match the cosiness of the bedroom. I also attached this to the branch.

Furs, pillows, candles, and fairy lights make the bedroom cozy


In my opinion, there can never be enough pillows on the bed. While a bedspread keeps things tidy, pillows can be draped on top of each other. It looks particularly harmonious if you use the same pillow twice. I have a combination of the Boho diamond cushion cover as well as the Welcome cushion cover chosen each one Filling pad contain. With the 3rd pillow a color kick comes into play. The color terracotta has a warm effect and takes up the color of the wooden beams. Sheepskins give the extra cuddle kick. That’s why they make great bed rugs. Once you put your feet in the cozy fur once in the morning, you never want to miss this feeling again. I’ve owned mine for almost 20 years and it has served wonderfully so far.

Comfort in the bedroom with lots of pillows, a good book and coffee or tea
Candles create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom


In addition to green plants, the Wall decoration “Jungle” for a little jungle feeling, without being intrusive. The former improve the indoor climate and also look pretty. You should make sure that it is not necessarily fragrant green plants such as jasmine, lavender, gardenia or potted lilies. These can cause headaches. On the other hand, certain scented plants are recommended for promoting a peaceful sleep precisely because of their scents. Since plants are transportable, everyone is welcome to try this out for themselves. Everyone reacts differently to scents. Bow hemp, single leaf, palm lily (yucca), kentia palm or ivy are perfect for the bedroom. Aloe Vera is also particularly recommended. This easy-care plant scores above all for its oxygen production.

Plants ensure a good indoor climate in the bedroom
Scented candles for the feel-good atmosphere in the bedroom


  1. Fairy lights, Light objects, Lanterns, Scented candles and Tea lights in the Tealight glass ensure a homely atmosphere, especially in the cold season. After blowing out the candles, ventilate once.
  2. So that you can snuggle up really nicely, warm bed throws are allowed in the bedroom, cozy ones Cover and pretty pillow not missing. You will also sleep 1000 times better in a pretty, high-quality bed linen made from natural fibers.
  3. Green plants ensure a healthy indoor climate. Aloe vera, bow hemp and palm lily (yucca) produce oxygen even at night. This makes them particularly suitable for the bedroom. In addition, there are plants that are able to remove pollutants from the air. These include the green lily, the single leaf, the weeping fig as well as ivy and ivy.
  4. The walls should not be neglected in a cozy bedroom. A branch brings nature into the bedroom. In addition, it can be equipped with fairy lights and decorative elements. The Wall decoration jungle spices up every bedroom and the jungle feeling is guaranteed.
  5. Anyone who values ​​healthy and restful sleep should ban electrical appliances from the bedroom. Under no circumstances, however, should they be at head height. Televisions, computers and smartphones not only emit electromagnetic radiation, they also keep us from sleeping.
  6. Instead, put 1 – 2 books on the bedside table that you would like to read in the near future. Reading before bed reduces stress and ensures a deep, sound sleep. With furnishing books such as B. the Vintage living book You can also start the day wonderfully on Sunday with a coffee or tea in bed. I love browsing through it and imagining what interior design project or DIY I’m going to do next.
  7. Remove disruptive factors. These provide the opposite of comfort in the bedroom. These include B. clothes lying around, untidy corners, vacuum cleaners. Everything that we don’t find attractive should disappear from the bedroom or be stowed in closets. A tidy bedroom creates more harmony.

Cosiness in the bedroom with morning coffee in bed
Coffee in bed

Have fun redecorating your bedroom!

Your Nadine

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