Creating a balcony: late summer makeover for your balcony

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are moving back to the normal range 🙂 You can see it clearly: Slowly but surely the summer passes. Let's really celebrate the late summer, before autumn finally comes. How about a late summer makeover for your balcony? I'll show you how you can celebrate the end of summer or fall on balcony with cuddly pillows and plaids and atmospheric fairy lights and Dekoaccessoires and make your balcony.

How to get your personal balcony oasis of well-being

Decorate the balcony in the autumn

"Space is in the smallest hut" – this also applies to the balcony. Because our balcony is really very small. And yet I managed to create a real oasis of well-being with the appropriate decoration. It is hard to believe that only a few empty flowerpots used to live here. Now I enjoy the evening hours in this cozy place and enjoy the enchanting decoration.

Plaids, pillows and co. Provide for coziness

Balcony decoration: textiles provide cosiness

Balcony decoration: textiles provide cosiness

I love everything about the summer. But autumn also has its nice sides. Because finally you can cuddle up really cozy again. With this soft blanket in knit look, it can sit on cool autumn days outside really comfortable. An ordinary fruit crate is used to store the ceiling. Thus, the plaid, when I do not need it, always neatly stowed away. In addition to cuddly plaids and decorative cushions, soft furs also provide comfort and warmth. A very nice specimen is this genuine sheepskin in the color anthracite. It gives the small wooden bench comfort and warmth.

Artificial plants set fresh accents

Plant decoration for the balcony

In the fall, the nights can be quite cool. Diverse balcony plants should therefore move to a frost-free winter quarters. It is completely different with artificial plants. Hard to distinguish from real plants, they delight us all year round with their beauty. Evergreen succulents and decorative grasses conjure up a fresh look on the balcony. With the matching DEPOT planter, our favorite plants become stylish eye-catchers.

Fairy lights create an atmospheric atmosphere

Light sources provide an atmospheric atmosphere on the balcony.

What would a balcony decoration without fairy lights and candles? Unthinkable! Only through these light sources our balcony becomes a cozy oasis of well-being. Because the soft light creates an atmospheric atmosphere. Solar light chains or battery-operated fairy lights are particularly practical. Even without electricity, you can make your balcony shine. Dekotipp: By wrapping fairy lights around plants, branches or other things, you create great eye-catchers.

In addition to fairy lights you will find many more decorative light objects at DEPOT. For example, these lanterns with integrated fairy lights. At the touch of a button, they create an atmospheric light. I especially like the lid made of wood. This gives the lanterns a natural look.

Original light objects as eyecatcher for balcony or terrace.

Original light objects as eyecatcher for balcony or terrace.Original and decorative: With light objects, such as these glass bottles, it sets stylish accents. Inside the bottle is a light bulb that can be lit with the help of batteries. Of course you can also use this original lamp for indoor use.

Atmospheric balcony decoration with fairy lights and lanterns.

Atmospheric balcony decoration with fairy lights and lanterns.

Looks magical when all the lights and lanterns shine! With only a few accessories, we create a place of coziness. Here you can relax and switch off from everyday life. Together with friends, as a couple or alone.

In this sense, I wish you much fun decorating and designing your balcony. And if you fancy even more decoration tips, then you can find here Nice with you many more great ideas around the topic balcony and terrace.

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