Decorate the balcony for Christmas and spread a festive mood

Decorate the balcony for Christmas and spread a festive mood

Those who do not have a garden are hopefully lucky enough to have a balcony. Because this also represents an increase in the living space and can therefore be used for various practical purposes. But this additional space also offers variety. And it is not only suitable for getting a breath of fresh air or smoking a cigarette … The balcony is much more. Among other things, it also creates more opportunities for decoration. Even if a terrace and / or a garden is missing, it does not mean that you should do without beautiful Christmas decorations for the outside. You could turn your own balcony into a beautiful Christmas oasis! Now, when it's almost Christmas, we'd like to give you some inspiring ideas on how to decorate your balcony for Christmas.

Decorate for Christmas with lush garlands

christmas decorate elegant balcony decoration garland christmas wreath

Decorate for Christmas – the balcony as an extra room for great Christmas decorations

In summer you spend a lot of time on the balcony. So you equip it with umbrellas, decorative cushions and many plant pots to enjoy your time outdoors qualitatively. But the balcony is not only decorated in the warm months. Even when it is winter, one tries to make this additional living area as comfortable as possible. Exclusively during Advent. With a nice Christmas decoration. Put the Christmas decorations outside, free up a lot of space in the living room. You will also be relieved of constant cleaning. Removing protection, which natural materials cause in the interior, is completely impossible here. And you don't have to set any limits to your creativity on the balcony. There are a number of unusual ideas for the Christmas decorations on the balcony area.

Rely on original Christmas decorations and arouse real fascination among all passers-by

Christmas decorate balcony decorate santa claus deco

A Christmas tree, for example, would look wonderful here. You can just put the Christmas tree on the balcony without decoration, it could of course also be decorated. Of course with fairy lights for outdoors! The whole balcony will shine in the Christmas spirit! Especially when it gets dark … candles are also very trendy at Christmas. However, in this case you should be a little more careful with the festive balcony decoration in order to avoid accidents. It is best to use lanterns and lanterns to avoid dangerous flames. Wooden figures, natural decorations such as pine cones and bark are just as well inscribed in the festive decoration concept.

Decorate the small balcony with lots of green for Christmas

Christmas decorating balcony design ideas for Christmas

At Christmas you decorate with a lot of light

decorate for christmas elegant decorating ideas balcony decorate balcony railing

Decorate the balcony railing

The balcony railing is very suitable to spread a Christmas mood. By decorating the balcony on the outside for Christmas, everyone can see and admire the festive decoration. And you have another advantage: Space is saved from the actual balcony area. The railing is usually decorated with garlands. This can be a garland with beautiful ribbons, a decorative garland made of artificial fir branches or simply a garland of lights. Everyone captivates the eye and puts a smile on your face. Just be careful to attach these carefully to the balcony railing. But if you want a great decoration effect, you will hit the mark with a Santa Claus or angel figures! But you should also ensure reliable fastening so that wind, rain and snow do not damage the Christmas decorations and, more importantly, so that no passers-by is injured and no car is damaged.

Decorating the balcony railing for Christmas is a practical idea

decorate for christmas green deco decorate balcony

Traditional Christmas decorations for the balcony

decorate for christmas balcony decoration christmas balls decorate balcony railing

What to watch out for when considering balcony decorations for Christmas

There are actually quite a few things that you should pay close attention to when decorating your balcony for Christmas. In fact, everyone can see the Christmas decorations as they walk by, but neighbors are constantly watching them. For this reason, the Christmas decorations can be annoying in some cases. Especially flashing and glowing Christmas decorations on the balcony should be used carefully so that the peace of the neighbors is not disturbed. Especially at night. In such cases, a timer is a wonderful solution not only to regulate the light daily, but also to save energy. Do not forget that the appearance of the entire house is not disturbed by the Christmas balcony decoration!

Christmas decorations like from a fairy tale

for christmas decorate extravagant balcony decorations stylishly festive

So don't do without a Christmas decoration for the outdoor area, even if you don't have a garden. You could decorate the balcony for Christmas, couldn't you? Make sure you have special hours in the open air with a beautiful, festive balcony decoration!

Christmas decoration in Scandinavian style

decorate for christmas balcony decoration create fresh festive mood

The beautiful Christmas decorations on this balcony radiate a can of romantic mood

christmas decorate balcony deco candles fairy lights

Make yourself comfortable on the small balcony in winter

Christmas decorate balcony decor winter decor ideas

Stylish decoration idea for the balcony in green and red

christmas decorate balcony decor stylish decor ideas

Christmas wreaths are classic in Christmas decorations

christmas decorate balcony decorate balcony railing decoration

Experience the Advent season with beautiful Christmas decorations

christmas decorate balcony decorate romantic festive mood

Really lush and so atmospheric!

christmas decorate balcony deco ideas festive mood

The right home accessories make the Christmas season more beautiful

Christmas decorate balcony a lot of green small balcony decorate candlestick carpet

You can also transform the balcony table with a Christmas robe

for christmas decorate balcony table for festive decor a lot of green

The best way to decorate the small balcony is very discreet

Christmas decorating small balcony decorating ideas

Fairy lights and candles make a nice duo

decorate for christmas decorate small balconies simple deco ideas

So many lights create a real festive mood

Christmas decorate fairy lights candles festive romantic

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