Decoration tips after Christmas

When it comes to decoration, most of them increase to a maximum at Christmas. Everything is festively and opulently decorated. More decoration than usual adorns your own four walls. But what remains when all the Christmas decorations are neatly stowed away in boxes?

I have a few simple ones for that Decoration tips after Christmas compiled. So it stays wintry, but still comes with a little freshness and of course the cosiness cannot be missing.




What else can be used of the Christmas decorations?

Everything that is wintry and contributes to cosiness can remain from the Christmas decorations. Fairy lights are a guarantee for cozy light almost at any time of the year. The larch branches from the Christmas decoration can also be arranged in a large vase. To loosen up, equip small clamp vases with dried flowers and decorate the branches with them. When the time is right, you can also drape the clamp vases with the first early bloomers. You can find a decoration example in the article “DIY spring decoration with glass vases”.

A few simple or neutral ones Decoration pendant, like the moon made of white porcelain, can stay a little longer and be arranged on the branches as decoration. Even simple ones Paper ornaments can still be used as decorative elements. Simply decorate them loosely on the sideboard or shelf or under a glass dome. Very simple and yet very effective. In black, the paper decoration also creates small contrasts between the delicate winter tones. For a touch of green, hyacinths can be placed in simple glass wind lights with a little moss or in beautiful display cases.


My top 3 decoration tips after Christmas:

  1. Candles: Candles are the epitome of cosiness. Their light has a calming effect and exudes security. Just right what you need as long as it’s cold and dark. The candles have a slightly clearer look thanks to the simple glass candle holder. The ensemble gets a nice dynamic from different heights and an uneven number of candlesticks.
  2. textiles: Coziness without pillows, blankets and furs is simply not possible.
  3. Dried flowers: Due to their delicate colors, dried flowers are the perfect decoration as a transition to the strong early bloomers. The metal ring of the Christmas decoration can be reused for a beautiful dry flower decoration. So you can quickly conjure up a delicate and not too opulent wall decoration. Arrange dried flower remains in a small vase: tip: Glass vases with a leopard pattern are very popular right now.

I hope you enjoy redecorating with my decorating tips after Christmas and make yourself comfortable.

Your Mona




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