Decorative and practical: tapestries

Decorative and practical: tapestries

Paintings don’t just consist of a loan board and paint. Some are made on a loom from linen, wool, cotton, or silk. The result is a tapestry, often also called a tapestry. Image weavers have been creating fabric works of art for thousands of years, even since ancient Egypt. Here, and in the rest of Europe, picture knitting was only known as a craft in the Middle Ages. Tapestries were especially valuable back then, but they are now available at more reasonable prices.

A medieval scene is depicted on this tapestry

Tapestry old war scene

Tapestries still fulfill a number of useful functions in addition to their purely aesthetic functions. They stop drafts and thus ensure warmer rooms without additional heating. In large rooms, they also help the acoustics by reducing reverberation and thus giving your surroundings peace and quiet. However, they are not intended for floors as they tear easily.

Tapestries shouldn’t lie on the floor, but floor rugs can hang on the wall

Tapestry abstract colorful

As in the past, popular patterns are flowers, animals, fantastic or historical scenes and geometric figures. Some tapestries available on the market follow the ancient motifs, others look very modern. You can choose from many different sizes, colors and materials to make exactly the right choice for your home. We will help you by giving you some decoration suggestions.

Tapestries can also be small, like this one made from colorful tassels

Tapestry tassels hanging colorfully

Flowers are always in

Tapestry poppy living room

A forest landscape of gold and blue

Tapestry forest gold blue

Hang up and maintain tapestries

The tapestries are usually attached using thin nails, strips, frames or curtain rods. So decide in advance where they should hang. The holes cannot be removed again and again if you decide to move to another location in the room. Also measure the available area so that you buy the right size.

Curtain rods are good for hanging the tapestry

Tapestry curtain rail red

Frames can also be used

Tapestry floral motif

In flea markets you can also find beautiful, often handmade, tapestries that are not available elsewhere. Take a look around there from time to time. You will definitely find something suitable.

Tapestries require maintenance similar to floor carpets. If they are in the sun, the colors will fade after a while. Dust and dirt also settle over time. Then take the carpet off the wall and sprinkle damp salt over it. After about an hour, knock off the salt and hang up again. This way you get rid of the dirt and restore the colors to some extent.

Over time, the colors of the tapestries will fade, especially if they are in the sun

Tapestry old war scene large

Tapestry brown living room

Showcase tapestries

Tapestries should match the hues of the rest of the decoration in the house, just like paintings, so they don’t stand out too much. Despite their size, tapestries are quite lightweight. So larger works of art can cover the whole wall or just the boring empty areas.

Tapestries should be in harmony with the color palette of the room

Tapestry red living room large

Shades of pink are good for a girl’s nursery

Tapestry pink living room

Natural shades of green dominate the scene here

Tapestry green red plants

These tapestries on either side of the fireplace complete the luxuriously designed living room

Tapestry fireplace sides luxury

In addition, you can attach the fasteners, such as the curtain rods, flowers or fairy lights and thus give the tapestry an additional theme.

These fairy lights go particularly well with the autumn or Christmas season

Tapestry sunflower fairy lights

Flowers and leaves can also be attached

Tapestry hanging sunflower

For lovers of the Boho style: You can frame your bedroom with large cloths, which are also considered tapestries in Indian culture, and let them hang from the ceiling. The cloths can be attached to each other with clips. That creates a really dreamlike atmosphere.

Boho style bedroom creates a dream environment

Tapestry boho bedroom decor

Tapestries can also hang from the ceiling if they are as light as these cloths

Tapestry boho bedroom

As you can see, tapestries are not old-fashioned at all. They can decorate your large living room as huge paintings or please the eyes as small accents. They also keep your rooms noise-free and warmer. Scroll down to the bottom of our gallery for more ideas for designing your own home.

Tapestries flowers colorful

Tapestries brown tones

Geometric colorful tapestries

Geometric tapestries nursery

Tapestries cacti living room

Tapestries, tassels, multicolored

Tapestries in red flowers bedroom

Tapestries bedroom red geometric

Tapestries Lace Hanging

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