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Deko Bulb: 30 creative ideas for a cool decoration of old light bulbs

Deko Bulb: 30 creative ideas for a cool decoration of old light bulbs

The upcycling ideas are always great and interesting. This creates effective decoration for home and garden. And since we find these ideas outstanding, we would like to surprise and challenge you today with a decorative light bulb. You do not have to dispose of the old light bulbs, which do not light up anymore. These can "shine" in a new way, by transforming them into beautiful decorations. These deco ideas do not require much skill and budget!

Deko Bulb: Beautiful and original craft ideas with light bulbs

Flower vase sleber make deko light bulb

Deko Bulb: Small sympathetic vases

Cut off the socket of the old light bulb, remove the broken wires and you'll have a small, beautiful vase. For a larger effect, you can hang them up, for example. Take your favorite flowers, put them in the new vase and your mission to a nicer home is already fulfilled.

A new light for the old bulbs

Lightbulbs are designed to emit light. Instead of quickly saying goodbye to the burned out bulbs, let them shine with "new light". Add liquid paraffin, a fuse and turn the bulb into an alternative candle.

Make a nice candle yourself

Oil lamp itself make deko light bulb

Decorating ideas with buttons and sweets

craft ideas deco bulb make deco itself

Create a happy mood with colorful deco light bulb

Decorating the house can become a fun game that your kids can join. Collect all colorful buttons, glass beads and why not colored candies. Put them in light bulbs and create an atmospheric decoration.

Charming mini aquarium

A small decorative aquarium in a light bulb is simply an eyecatcher. Of course, this is too narrow and small to care for a fish in it, but with small aquatic plants, pebbles, shells in it makes it an excellent mini-aquarium there.

Mini aquarium in the light bulb

cool craft deco light bulb

Paint the old light bulb to your heart's content

deco light bulb creative decoration ideas

Own art from lightbulb

If you can paint on glass or want to experiment in this direction, this is a great opportunity. So grab paint and paintbrushes and turn the old light bulb into a real work of art that draws everyone's attention.

The deco light bulb is original, creative and beautiful. You can do a lot of things with this and make enthusiasm among friends and guests. Gather enough inspiration from our picture gallery and have fun crafting your deco light bulb.

More great ideas for deco light bulb

flower deco light bulb diy decoration ideas

Obtain the bulbs with fabric and make mobile

nursery decor deco light bulb

Grow aerial plants in light bulbs

floral decoration ideas decor light bulb craft ideas

Colorful decoration for the nursery or a children's party

colorful deco decorating lightbulb

Mini garden in a light bulb as a table decoration

deco light bulb cool craft ideas

deco bulb make deco itself

Use your creativity fully

deco bulb deco ideas creative craft ideas

Spray the light bulbs with paint

deco light bulb diy deco ideas cool craft ideas

Bulbs make a great decoration

deco bulb make beautiful deco itself

An original idea for Valentine's Day

deco bulb make valentinstagsgeschenke yourself

deco light bulb vase make yourself

Make beautiful snow globe out of it

deco light bulb making christmas tree decorations yourself

Put in an artificial fish

decoration ideas lightbulb cool craft ideas

deco ideas christmas decoration light bulb

A simple guide on how to present your air plants

diy deco decoration deco light bulb flower deco

Make a beautiful window decoration

window decoration ideas decoration light bulb

Small glittering vases for hanging

small vase itself make deco light bulb

Creative Craft Ideas Decoration Light Bulb DIY Decoration

creative craft ideas deco light bulb indoor plants

Maritime decoration with light bulbs

creative decoration cool craft ideas deco light bulb

You can also make the garden more beautiful with a decorative light bulb

creative decoration ideas deco light bulb

Decorating ideas with origami figures

origami make homemade light bulb

Moss Decoration Decor Lightbulb DIY Decoration Ideas

Nice ideas for Christmas tree decorations

christmas tree decorations make homemade light bulb

christmas decoration ideas decoration light bulb

Christmas decorations make homemade light bulb

Hurricanes for making your own

wind light itself make deko light bulb

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