Design a shelf under the stairs – clever ideas for it!

Design a shelf under the stairs – clever ideas for it!

More and more homeowners want to make the most of the space under the stairs. There is enough storage space there, where many things, accessories and clothes can be found. For this reason we would like to present different shelving systems. The creative constructions ensure optimal access and provide practical storage space. We would like to take a closer look at the modern installation solutions with you in the following paragraphs!

Make room for a large bookcase under the stairs

shelf under the stairs bookshelf

Shelf under the stairs

A shelving system under the stairs has a space-saving function that is an advantage. The space under the steps could be enough for a large construction. The size of the shelf depends on the design of the staircase shape. First of all, you should definitely determine the size before thinking about shelving systems. Only then can you plan and order the shelf in detail with experts. Last but not least is the design of the shelf. The materials should combine elegantly with the stairs.

Do you like an open or closed shelving system? Under the stairs you have a large selection of constructions with practical drawers and integrated surfaces. More and more homeowners prefer a bookcase under the stairs. This gives the entire room a feeling of wellbeing. This shelf could have a very important function if the stairs are positioned in the hallway. Then the important little accessories will find their place immediately.

The clever use of the landing is one of the trends these days, because this part of the living space takes on several functions. This landing is used as a perfect positioning of drawers that are extra deep and wide. You can put up the family members’ shoes and use the landing as a seat. You can change your shoes quickly and easily.

The integrated drawers offer enough space for many accessories, decorative items, books and even shoes

shelf under the stairs ideas

Inclined stairs?

The sloping stairs are very often seen in the houses. For this reason, homeowners are a bit skeptical about this design idea. The good news is that there are plenty of creative shelving systems on offer for sloping stairs these days. In the first place, the so-called inclined drawers are particularly popular. They are practical and are very cleverly integrated under inclined stairs. Various mechanisms make opening the drawers even easier.

Of course there are stairwells that do not allow side use. For this reason, the drawers in the stairs are the right solution for this. The individual steps are converted into modern drawers so that you have up to 10 individual drawers.

The inclined stairs often offer space for accessories and shoes

shelf under the stairs

Which installation solutions do you like best? The following picture gallery will help you with your choice. Enjoy the great ideas that are currently in trend!

Use the space under the stairs strategically and create optimal storage space for your books


storage shelf under the stairs

The individual steps can take on the role of integrated drawers

great shelf under the stairs

Give the room a modern look and make clever use of the stairs

bookcase shelf under the stairs

A closed shelving system under the stairs is one of the most modern furnishing ideas

cool ideas for shelves under the stairs

Enjoy the cool integrated drawers

cool shelf under the stairs storage space


The landing offers enough space for your shoes

decoration shelf under the stairs storage space design ideas shelf under the stairs drawers large shelf under the stairs design stylish wood look shelf under the stairs ideas ideas for shelves under the stairs ideas shelf under the stairs tips modern shelf under the stairs ideas design

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