Designing a bedroom: Rely on modern style and classic comfort!

Designing a bedroom: Rely on modern style and classic comfort!

Which criteria would you be guided by when designing your very modern bedroom? Don’t you have a clear idea of ​​it yet? Then stick with it and read on. The most important key points for furnishing a modern and at the same time comfortable bedroom are explained in a simple way below. However, we would like to formulate the main principle in advance: In terms of style, you should proceed in a modern way, and as far as comfort is concerned – have classic and upscale criteria. You can find a large selection of matching pieces of furniture at Find out how the selection of the specific furniture will work without errors!


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Design a bedroom – start by choosing the comfortable bed!

Bedroom design should start with choosing the right bed. That sounds logical, but this simple rule is neglected by many. This is how it usually happens when you focus solely on aesthetics and style and neglect the practical side of bedroom furnishings.

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The bed for perfect relaxation

According to many health experts, deep relaxation is the key to good health. In this sense, the ideal bed is considered a contemporary luxury that we should all afford.

The right size bed

If you’re designing a larger bedroom, this topic isn’t all that tricky. In the case of smaller rooms, however, you have to choose between a larger bed and more walking space. If you have to compromise, it should be on the second aspect. For deeper relaxation, you also need enough space in bed.

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The right model

Box spring beds have proven to be the best possible solution for sleeping comfort years ago. They have a universal shape and are adaptable in size. For most bedrooms, however, a box spring bed 180 × 200 or a box spring bed 140 × 200 would be suitable. You have a lot of freedom in choosing the top mattress. Among other things, you can use different models on both sides. This allows couples with different mattress preferences to sleep comfortably together. In addition, furniture designers have surprised us positively in recent years with individual modifications of the robust and simple Bosxpring bed design.

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Multifunctional furniture according to the latest standards

Multifunctional furniture can be found in both larger and smaller bedrooms. The innovations in these pieces of furniture consist in their ever better adaptation to the needs of modern people. One and the same piece of furniture can serve as a beautiful accent in the room, but also as a workplace or storage space. The dimensions are often adapted to the size of the specific room.

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The room for perfect relaxation

In terms of functionality and sleep quality, the bedroom should look as classic as possible. This should be the room in which you feel like you are in a palace. In addition to the perfect bed, you need storage space and well-organized storage space. A lot of creativity is called for, so that everything finds a suitable place and the clutter is avoided. Everything should be within reach and yet well hidden from view. The blackout for the windows should also be perfect. At the end of the day, the interior should be complete, harmonious and therefore relaxing. Body and soul can only relax perfectly when all of these conditions are in place.

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Create a stylish modern bedroom

After you have achieved perfect comfort in the classic sense, you can now move on to the stylistic question. The minimalism and the clear forms have an absolute priority. With these, you can more easily achieve the relaxation you need for a healthy night’s rest. A modern bedroom mostly lives from characterful neutral colors. Small metallic accents, glossy surfaces and discreet eye-catchers round off the final, comfortable design.

Find your very own solution for bedroom design that meets the criteria just mentioned.

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