Despite all prejudices, white floor tiles are a particularly popular floor covering

Despite all prejudices, white floor tiles are a particularly popular floor covering

White is a special color in interior design. Modern furnishing concepts attach great importance to this color. But many people still share the opinion that white is somehow monotonous and that everything in white is difficult to maintain. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. But white is often used to design different rooms in the apartment and white is currently an absolute trend. You choose this neutral color not only for walls and furniture, but also for the floor. We dedicate today’s article to the white floor covering. And more precisely, today we are talking about white floor tiles.

White floor tiles are a classic in floor design

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White floor tiles prove to be particularly beneficial

As we have already mentioned several times, floor tiles are a popular alternative for modern flooring. If these are designed in white, they have a higher decorative value. Many would say that these are even beneficial. For whatever reasons? We’ll discuss that in the next few lines.

The white floor covering is neutral and can easily be used as the basic color in the interior design. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the white floor tiles is the optical effect for enlarging the area. In addition, they bring more brightness into the room and thus ensure a nice feeling of living. A controversial benefit of white flooring is that dirt and stains are eye-catching. On the one hand, this encourages frequent cleaning, on the other hand, it is an annoying and unpopular occupation for many to keep the white floor clean.

White floor tiles offer different looks to choose from

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White is easy to combine, which makes it an advantageous color in modern interiors. You can easily get rid of the boring feeling of space if you skilfully coordinate a white floor covering with the other elements in the interior design. Different formats and numerous surface structures give you the opportunity to combine floor tiles in white with wall designs in a wide variety of styles. It’s child’s play to create a nice, uniform overall picture.

A good approach is to put the white floor in scene with dark furniture. It could be a single armchair that creates a great color contrast, or the entire equipment. Add a few green houseplants and you have an excellent interior with modern simplicity.

Black and white are a classic color duo

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Convey a can of freshness to the bathroom design with a fancy armchair

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Numerous design options with white floor tiles

Years ago, the bathroom floor was mainly designed in white. Today people like to opt for white tiles for the floor design in every room. These make the living room look extremely stylish and the kitchen look clean and fresh. White floor tiles are also great use in the bedroom. A sleeping area only looks spacious and inviting if you use white tiles for the flooring. The multifaceted variety of designs and colors makes it possible to design the desired room in the desired way. White tiles in wood, natural stone or concrete look are the right floor covering for every taste.

By laying a colored carpet runner on the white floor, you liven up the interior

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White floor tiles give so much freedom to experiment with modern interior design. And not only because of the extensive range of designs, but also because there are several color gradations of white. If you don’t like snow white, you might like gray white much more for your own modern flooring.

It must be mentioned here that when using white floor tiles it is advisable to pay particular attention to the color of the joints. This allows you to set small highlights that bring more dynamism to the room. The white tiles no longer appear monotonous, but create exciting accents.

Timeless living room design in black and white

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Basically, white tile is a timeless option for flooring. Mosaic tiles, elongated tile formats or huge floor tiles, you can search for your own preferences and create varied interiors. Semi-gloss, high-gloss or polished, you have to make this decision depending on the room conditions. Good luck choosing the right floor tiles!

White floor tiles are hard to maintain

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Furnish a fresh bedroom with a white floor

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White tiles on the floor are chic!

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White floor tiles are perfect for a minimalist living room concept

white floor tiles open living room minimalist design

Create a seamless living room design in neutral colors

white floor tiles white flooring ideas

What shade of white do you choose for the kitchen floor?

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White kitchens are trendy

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Combine white flooring in the kitchen with white kitchen cabinets

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Combine colors in an open plan

white floor tiles open plan living room kitchen

A white floor gives the modern living room an elegant look

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The kitchen island is the accent in this kitchen facility

white floor tiles blue kitchen island kitchen design ideas

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