DIY Christmas tree metal ring

I.ever more people want to celebrate Christmas more sustainably. That means that there may not be a real Christmas tree in the living room and should I tell you something? It actually works without it! I tried it out with this DIY Christmas tree metal ring.

DIY Christmas tree ensures cosiness
A fir tree in a basket with a chain of lights ensures cosiness

For the DIY Christmas tree you only need a little fresh green. I used spruce branches because they are great to bend. They also smell wonderful. Every now and then a small cone hangs on the branch. With the help of wire, the small branches are attached around the metal rings. A chain of lights with a battery compartment makes the “Christmas tree” shine. The advantage is that you don’t need an additional socket. The battery compartment is simply hidden under a spruce branch.

DIY Christmas tree replaces Christmas tree and still provides that Christmas feeling


You can either equip the DIY Christmas tree with Christmas baubles or hangers or simply mix both. Just like a real Christmas tree. This year I used glass Christmas balls with a hole for the first time. These can be great with z. B. fill moss and cones or with the cute Christmas tree pendant “Fee”, which we lovingly call “Püppi”. Five “puppies” are now sitting softly on moss in their glass ball. Sometimes I would like to swap. The idea of ​​sitting in such a glass ball is simply wonderful! So that the natural character remains, I have limited myself to straw stars and natural-colored paper tags. Only a few white stars were allowed to get space in between.

Accessories for the DIY Christmas tree
Attach branches to the metal frame with wire
Fit all rings around with pine

Attach the battery compartment to the lower ring with florist tape
Close the gap above the battery compartment with a twig of pine
Wrap the light chain around the individual rings


  • Metal ring
  • 4 – 5 spruce branches
  • Rag moss
  • Florist wire
  • Secateurs
  • Side cutter
  • Florist tape
  • fairy lights
  • 5 x Christmas balls with holes
  • 5 x pendant e.g. fairy
  • 1 x jute ribbon
  • Straw stars at will
  • Pendant star at will
  • Paper tags of different shapes


  1. Hang the metal ring in a suitable place.
  2. Cut off smaller branches from the spruce branches with the secateurs.
  3. Fasten the spruce branches around each metal ring with florist wire, so that closed wreaths are created.
  4. Fasten the battery compartment with florist tape or alternatively with wire at one point on the lower rim. Place a piece of pine on top and secure it with wire to cover the battery compartment.
  5. Now wind the chain of lights around the lower wreath and lead it up on one of the metal ring wires. Again, meander along the middle ring and finally lead to the last ring at the top and proceed as before. If there is still something left of the string of lights, you can lead the rest back down on another metal wire.
  6. Equip the glass Christmas balls with moss and insert the fairy pendant. Attach the jute ribbon to the balls and tie them to the rings.
  7. Hang the other pendants on the various rings as you like. It looks more harmonious if you hang them up at different heights.

And done!

Accessories Christmas ball with hole
Lay out the Christmas ball with moss and insert the fairy pendant into it
Equip the DIY Christmas tree with glass balls, straw stars, white stars and paper tags


We are absolutely thrilled with the DIY version. Maybe there is no real Christmas tree here either this year. If so, then we will opt for an eco Christmas tree. The areas intended for new planting are not sprayed with herbicides, but are mechanically freed from growth. No pesticides are used in organic farming either. This allows beneficial insects to survive that counteract the pest infestation.

DIY Christmas tree as an alternative to the Christmas tree
DIY Christmas tree metal ring

Because I do Autumn basket I found it so beautiful, without further ado, I redesigned it as an Advent basket. But this is simply with jute lined. A large vase offers space for fir or spruce branches. To make them last longer, simply fill the vase with water. In addition, a fairy lights for cosiness. Either you hang the branches with Christmas decorations or you let the branches take effect on you. In addition, lanterns, candles, cuddly pillows and soft blankets bring comfort to the living room.

Christmas tree pendant fairy in glass ball on the DIY Christmas tree
Straw stars on the DIY Christmas tree

Do you think this DIY Christmas tree can replace the real Christmas tree?

Your Nadine

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