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DIY summer flower wreath

For me, fresh flowers are almost as much a part of summer as sunshine and ice cream parlors. We now know floral wreaths as headdresses at hen parties, weddings or other events. We bring the flower wreaths back home and decorate them as a blossoming highlight for the front door. It is the DIY summer flower wreath Almost as easy and quick as arranging summer flowers in a vase.

summer blumenkranz

diy summer flowers wreath-details

diy summer flowers wreath

So easy – step by step to the DIY summer flower wreath

Required material:

  • plug wreath
  • different summer flowers, such. B. gladioli, astilbe, chamomile, flowering peppermint, blackberries
  • Secateurs or strong scissors

And this is how it's done:

  1. Soak the foam ring well. Then start with the biggest flowers and cut them down.
  2. Then distribute the first flowers slightly diagonally around in the wreath. Gradually fill the gaps with flowers.
  3. Finally, fill with very short flowers cut the last few places. From time to time moisten the floral foam in the wreath with water.

Of course you do not have to buy all the flowers for the DIY summer flower wreath. At the moment, nature offers a wonderful variety of blooming beauties – in your own garden or in the meadow during a walk. Gladly think of flowers that you do not even have as such on the screen, such as flowering herbs or berry bushes.

The flower wreath is the perfect summer decoration – wild, colorful and unique. He looks beautiful on the wall or on a beautiful tray or Dekoteller. Decoration Tip: Rattan trays are currently very trendy. Likewise, it is wonderful in a large glass bowl to advantage.

This wild DIY summer flower wreath exudes pure summer feeling for me. If you want to enjoy your wreath for a longer time, simply decorate the wreath with trendy dried flowers.

summer bouquet

Have fun while copying.

Your Mona

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