DIY upcycling Christmas tree – winter wall wreath made of fir branches

Christmas, the most beautiful festival of the year, is already over. And with the beginning of the new year it is unfortunately also time to say goodbye to our lovingly decorated Christmas tree. Most Christmas trees end up in an incinerator, which is actually a shame. Because many great things can be made from the branches, the needles and also from the trunk. For example, fragrant bath oils, healthy cold teas or wonderfully scented candles. We can also recycle the individual components of the Christmas tree for creative decoration ideas. For example, a pretty wall wreath can be conjured up from the fir branches. In this way we give the Christmas tree a second life, protect the environment and also relieve our wallet.

Make a wall wreath from fir branches yourself

Wall wreath made of fir green – DIY instructions

When all the Christmas decorations are stowed back in the Christmas boxes, the apartment looks bare and empty. It’s just too early for spring decorations. Such a wintry wreath comes just as requested! The lush green of the fir branches brings freshness to our home. We can also preserve the scent of the Christmas tree for a while.

For the wall wreath you need the following utensils:

  • Metal ring
  • Pine needles or pine picks
  • Fir branches
  • Cones
  • Floristic dough
  • Branch
  • Decoration wire
  • Trailer deer
  • Cord / thread
Wintry wall wreath with fir green and deer

DIY instructions tassels made from pine needles

Before we start tying the wreath, let’s make two tassels out of pine needles. These will then be hung on the wreath later.

For the tassels you will need:

  • Pine needles / needle bundles
  • Yarn / cord
  • scissors

And this is how it’s done:

Make tassels from pine needles

First we cut a bundle of needles from the pine branch. Make sure that a small piece of the branch is still there. Because we then attach the cord to it. If you don’t have real pine branches at home, you can also use artificial needles. The pine picks from DEPOT look very natural and are ideal for making such tassels.

Make pine needle tasselsMake tassels from pine needlesPine needle tassels DIY guide

Next, attach a piece of jute cord to the bundle of needles. This will later be used to hang the tassels. Then tie another piece of jute cord and wrap it several times around the bundle of pine trees and the protruding piece of cord. Knot again and cut off the protruding cord.

Tie a wintry wall wreath

Wall wreath made of metal ring with fir greenTie a green wreath

First you cut several small fir branches. Then you attach the branches to the metal ring with craft wire. Now you form another bouquet out of fir green and attach it in the opposite position to the metal ring.

Decorate the wreath with pine conesWall wreath with fir green and pine cones

So that there is no gap at the point where the ends of the fir branches come together, we cover the fir green with small larch or pine branches. I used floristic dough to fix the cones in place. But craft wire or hot glue are also great.

Attach cotton cord to the wreath

Now we fix a cotton cord to hang the wreath with the help of a loop. Position the cord so that the fir green is on the side of the metal ring.

Winter wreath with fir green and decor

Finally, we attach a small branch to the ring with the help of craft wire. A larch branch, on which perhaps a few cones still hang, looks particularly pretty. We can then hang the little deer on it. What is missing now are the pine needle tassels. And so our self-made wall wreath is already finished!

Winter window decoration made of fir green

Now all you need is a suitable place for your winter wreath. Whether on the window, on the wall or maybe on the front door, this green wreath is a decorative eye-catcher everywhere!

Wall wreath with a touch of spring

Wall wreath with Christmas roses

As an alternative to the wintry wall wreath with larch branches and deer, you can also decorate this winter wreath with snow roses. So we bring a touch of spring into the house in the middle of winter.

In addition to the materials listed above, you will also need the following utensils:

  • 2 glass tubes / test tube
  • Jute cord
  • Snow roses / Christmas roses

And this is how it’s done:

Attach glass tubes

After you have wrapped the neck of the test tubes several times with a jute cord, you attach the glass tubes to the metal ring with a knot. Make sure that the test tubes hang differently high. You can put a little moss in the glass tubes. This means that the Christmas roses do not slide too deep into the glass.

Wall wreath with a touch of spring

Winter decoration with candles and cones

For this wreath variant, you can also use artificial Christmas roses instead of real flowers. These have the advantage that you don’t have to constantly change the water and of course that they always stay fresh. Decoration tip: I used pine cones, tea lights that I embellished with tape, and a string of lights made of pine cones as accompanying decoration for these wintry wall wreaths. So we still get an atmospheric winter decoration after Christmas.

With these two wreaths, a small part of our Christmas tree lives on and I think that’s particularly beautiful. Because it pleased us so much on the Christmas holidays with its bright shine of lights.

Now I wish you a lot of fun with upcycling, handicrafts and decorating!

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