Dot painting as inspiration for the decoration and interior design

Dot painting as inspiration for the decoration and interior design

Dot painting is a special technique from Australia that has very ancient roots and was reinvented in a new form about 50 years ago. The mysticism of life and its origins are hidden behind their special symbols. These are applied to different types of surfaces using a specific technique. Among other things, you can use it to decorate walls and different textiles. This technology is also widely used in interior design. Here are our tips and ideas!

Dot painting combines trait and modernity

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The history of dot painting

This painting technique is known as dot painting on the one hand, and dot painting on the other. Their origins go back to the earliest times of the Aborigines. These Australian indigenous people covered smaller and larger areas with painting shapes such as polka dots, lines, spirals and various other geometric figures. Among other things, they did this on stones and various textiles. Some pictures are abstract and depict different mystical symbols. Alternatively, the most varied life scenes have been depicted. This painting technique was adopted in the 70s of the last century and something completely new was created on its basis. This has resulted in modern Australian art, which combines the mysticism of the original Australian culture with modern colors, materials and themes.

You can spice up the wall in any room with a dot painting picture

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Choice of motifs

There are no strictly mandatory motifs or symbols for dot painting. Nevertheless, we would like to encourage you to use ready-made templates and works by other artists as a basis for your work at the beginning. Over time, you will get a feel for what kind of energy dot painting is supposed to be exuding. There should always be something dreamlike in it, something that looks like a pictorial message with an extraterrestrial character. Then you can use it to represent your own motifs and themes.

The sun and other positive symbols are typical of the dot painting tradition

Dot painting decoration for the wall

Suitable substrates and other things to look out for

The dot painting technique looks very simple, but in practice you discover exactly the opposite. There are two main things that you need to practice intensely in order to get fabulous results like these in our pictures. On the one hand, you have to achieve the right consistency of the stains. The even pressure and punctuality are also decisive. The symmetry and the even distribution of the forms make up part of the mystical character of this painting.

There are also graphics that have been inspired by dot painting

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Application of dot painting in interior design and decoration

Dot painting is being used more and more in wall design. The implementation of large areas in it is a real challenge, but this could practically eliminate the rest of the decoration in the room. So it's worth it! A wide variety of colors can be used, but one thing is certain – a critical and mystical, natural, ethnic charisma will certainly come about. If you're not sure if this goes well with the style of your current home decorating ideas, try some small projects first.

Dot painting mural in a modern minimalist living room

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Accents on the wall

Before you paint the whole wall with the dot painting technique, you should first try “small”. A small icon or picture behind the sofa would be perfect for this. Maybe you could use it to decorate an area of ​​the mirror too? With dot painting, you could embellish certain characterless wall niches or other tricky elements. You could work directly on the wall or just put a representation on paper there.

Are you in the mood for bedroom decorations that make for beautiful dreams?

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Spicing up textiles

Different textiles, stones with interesting shapes, clay pots and other beautiful, neutral objects could be made into something special with the help of the dot technique. Elegant small objects can be used in a wide variety of places indoors and outdoors. They can also serve as great homemade gift ideas. It's Christmas time soon and maybe you could make some yourself!

Another dot painting-like graphic for the bedroom

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This type of wall design creates a feeling of calm in the room

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Dot painting is also a great accent in the vintage room

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Homely and at the same time exotic ideas for wall design

Wall design inspiration dot painting

Here are some everyday objects that have been decorated with the dot painting technique!

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Gift ideas decoration inspiration

DIY cell phone cases can also be designed using this technique

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The painting can be complemented with round stones and other decorations

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Figures made of circles and dots are very charming and popular

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Dot painting is a great hobby with which you can make lots of beautiful things for your home

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