Easter handicrafts with kids for the colorful Easter table!

This year, too, Easter will only be able to take place in the smallest of families. But even if grandparents, friends, aunts and the like can’t be there … It’s Easter after all! And it can still be the most beautiful Easter specialty – you just have to make the day for it!

That’s why we’re going to make a delicious Easter brunch here in the red Schwedenhaus and decorate the table in a particularly beautiful way. Especially in these difficult times, a lot of good mood is urgently needed and what could be better than a lot of bright colors!

In order to inspire you now before Easter, I have set a motley Easter table in advance, really child-friendly. My boys took care of one or the other sweet detail and worked diligently in advance.

A motley Easter table

With us, Easter is colorful this year and therefore, above all, wonderfully spring-like. Pastel colors bring a lot of good mood to our breakfast table.

Eye-catcher number 1: the tablecloth! The paper table runner scores in the truest sense of the word with its pastel-colored dots. Just like the matching paper napkins, which are additionally highlighted by the bunny napkin ring in Scandi look. The napkin rings made of wooden beads are wonderfully playful and therefore fit perfectly on the child-friendly Easter table. If you like, you can simply buy table runners and napkins in white and have the children draw the colored dots on them with felt-tip pens or stamp them on with finger paints.

Eye-catcher number 2: The Easter bouquet is not just in a purchased flower vase, but in a self-designed one. An empty Nutella glass serves as the basis for this. And this is how the self-made Easter vase works:

Upcycling idea: design a vase

What would the Easter table be without its Easter bouquet and of course you need a pretty vase for that. This is also easy to do with children. Take an empty chocolate spread glass and have it either painted with porcelain or glass pens or, even faster, put on Easter stickers, as in our case with the cute, colorful rabbit stickers, which perfectly match this year’s motto “motley Easter” . The highlight of the colorful stickers is definitely the white pompom tail. Now daffodils, colorful spring flowers or catkins in the self-made vase and the Easter bouquet gets its big appearance on the Easter table.

Eye-catcher number 3: the self-made “place cards” with a rabbit motif, which also contain a sweet little Easter surprise. A fun Easter handicraft for young and old.

Craft idea: bunnies made from sandwich bags

It doesn’t always have to be laborious and, especially when doing handicrafts with small children, you need quick visible results and a sense of achievement.

For this easy DIY you will need:

  1. Bread and butter bags
  2. a black felt-tip pen
  3. pencil
  4. scissors
  5. and some ribbon.

Our goal: funny rabbit bags for the Easter breakfast table. To do this, simply mark the shape of the ears with a pencil up to the first third of the bread bag and then cut it out. Now draw on funny rabbit faces with a black felt pen. Finally, just fill the bags – for example with homemade Easter cookies or colorful chocolate eggs. The rabbit bags are not only a nice decoration idea, but also a nice little Easter surprise on the morning breakfast table. In addition, they are labeled with names and also serve as “place cards”.

Incidentally, these rabbit bags can be made from filter bags just as quickly. The principle is exactly the same.

More colorful splashes of color come from self-dyed eggs in the natural deconest, as well as from motley sugar eggs draped on a beautiful rabbit tier or in a glass Easter egg on the Easter table.

I’m really looking forward to the bright children’s eyes on Easter Sunday.

And now I definitely wish you a lot of fun planning Easter, doing handicrafts, decorating, filling and hiding the nests!

Your Felicia from imrotenschwedenhaus

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